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Posted December 19, 2023 Decal Vs Sticker

Stickers are an impressive way to improve your packaging with a visual appeal. They can completely transform your packaging and help improve the beauty they carry. You may be using stickers for packaging and looking to improve their quality, but how can you achieve that?

This blog will discuss different features, definitions, designs, and every other aspect you need to know about decals. We will also compare them with stickers and discuss the pros and cons. Reading this blog will help you find out about both of them and which one to choose and when.

If you want to learn about the difference between decal and sticker, you can read this blog. So, let’s start this!

What Are Stickers Vs Decals? The Main Differences

Regarding the question of what are decals vs stickers, stickers are different. Stickers are made from vinyl or paper and carry a self-adhesive back. There are multiple types, like paper and vinyl stickers, with different pros and cons. For instance, vinyl stickers are more water-resistant and last longer.

On the other hand, paper stickers are durable and can easily tear or fade. In comparison to stickers, decals are more durable as they are made from vinyl, ceramic, or PET plastic.

Pros of Decals Vs. Stickers

Now that you know the basic rules of the decals versus stickers, you should also know detailed pros of them for packaging:

Pros of Stickers vs Decals

Benefits of Decals Benefits of Stickers Which One Win?
Very durable Less durable Decal wins
Much expensive in comparison Less costly Stickers win
Would work on wood, plastic, walls, and even metal Work on only smooth surfaces Decal wins
Difficult to apply Offer easy application Stickers win
Work for long-term use For temporary use Decals win
Not very versatile in designs, colors, and sizes categories Available in multiple designs, colors, and sizes Stickers win
Sleek and professional finish May look cheap and unprofessional Decal wins
Less famous among audiences Famous and well-known with personalization options Stickers win
Leave no residue when removed May leave a residue when removed Decal wins

When To Use Decals?

When it comes to use, they are designed and created for specific purposes, while stickers have their uses. For instance:

  • You can use them for branding and marketing like they use or for decorating vehicles with goes and graphics.
  • Also, you can enhance your product packages with them on retail store windows.
  • Their use is quite helpful when trying them for your product’s perceived value and quality.
  • You can also try them on surfaces stained with residue, which you want to avoid. Their ability to avoid residue makes them perfect for temporary applications.

When To Use Stickers?

Stickers are more effective as a product and inventory when you have budget constraints. They may be preferable when you need small-scale projects for personalization or doing budget-friendly campaigns. You would prefer using them for the spaces and products that you would like to change the looks of quite frequently.

Their use is relatively easy, and you can also try them for on-the-go customization. On the other hand, decals are a bit difficult to apply and use. Stickers have a large range of personalization options and even customization options. So, they are helpful with versatility in designs, sizes, and colors.

They also come in handy for shorter promotional campaigns where you need giveaways.

Types of Stickers

To discover the difference between stickers and decals, you must also know their types. This section will give you some of the most varied used and famous types of stickers that can be helpful in your projects:

Paper Stickers

When it comes to paper stickers, there are multiple types of them you can utilize, like:

  • Standard paper stickers are made from quarter or quarter paper and have a self-adhesive backing. They work perfectly when you need to personalize your brand and products.
  • Then there are kraft paper stickers that offer artistic charm with a subtle brown hue.
  • You can also try washi paper stickers, which have a unique, slightly translucent quality and offer vibrant colors and intricate patterns.
  • Also, you can try movable paper stickers with no trace and utilize them for repositioning and removal.
  • Coated paper stickers are another option that comes in matte and glossy finishes and offers vibrancy and water resistance.
  • Metallic paper stickers are another option with metallic finishes like silver and gold, adding holographic effects.

Types of Decals

When it comes to types, you also have multiple options, like:

By Materials

  • Vinyl decals are a great option if you’re looking for waterproofing, durability, and versatility.
  • You can also try static link decals, which are great for no residue and repositioning. Also, they work significantly for branding purposes.
  • You can try electrostatic ones if you want better durability than static decals.
  • We have another option called table wall decals with fabric-based material and a splash of color and design. They are most commonly used for inspirational quotations and have playful characters and intricate murals.

Application Types

There are different application types you can find in these products, like:

  • They add visual interest and personality to any room.
  • Also, you can use different decals to guide visitors or customers in different spaces. They are helpful for safety, warnings, and playroom fun needs.
  • You can also try vehicle decals that can be used to represent a business or a personal brand.

Decals With Unique Features

You can also find some particular types of because that are used for their unique features, like:

  • There are perforated decals that help you maintain transparency as they reveal the wall color they are applied to.
  • Then, there are double-sided decals that you can use for displaying messages on both sides of a window or a glass.
  • You can also try using reflective decals that enhance safety and visibility. You can use them on vehicles and branding elements.


What’s the difference between a decal and a sticker?

There are multiple differences between decals and stickers, like:

  • Stickers are made from paper, fabric, and vinyl.
  • Also, they are less durable and may leave residue when moved.
  • Stickers are normally decorative, functional, or promotional, with different shapes and sizes available.
  • On the other hand, decals are more durable and are normally used for displaying information.

What is the difference between a vinyl decal and a vinyl sticker?

Vinyl decals are used for decoration or information display on smooth surfaces like walls, vehicles, and floors. They are minimal in design and transparent.

Can I use a sticker like a decal and vice versa?

The answer to this question depends on the type of stickers you use, as they can also be applied on smooth surfaces. But if their adhesive is not strong enough, you may not be able to use them as decals can. On the other hand, the decals may not work well on specific surfaces because they are not made to adhere.

Which is more permanent, a sticker or a decal?

When we compare the two, the decals have stronger adhesive as they are intended for long-term use. On the other hand, this option may also work in the long term. Check the product information before buying them for their adhesive strength and other features.

How to you use stickers and decals?

When it comes to applying stickers and decals, here are some tips you need to follow:

  • Also, you should use a squeegee when moving air bubbles from the smooth finish
  • Make sure that you test the adhesive strength on a small area first.
  • Try your best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific products.

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