FDA Soap Labeling Requirements for Vendors, Retailers and Brands

Posted December 29, 2022 soap labeling requirement

Are you a vendor making soap boxes or a manufacturer trying to build a business as a soap seller? Either of two, your soap boxes need to follow the rules that ensure you comply with the laws that apply to them.

One thing is for sure; your labeling plays an essential role in making or breaking your products. So, if you do not add the right labeling information, you may not comply with the laws. And, if that happens, you are vulnerable to compliance issues for your products. You can read about soap labeling requirements in this article.

What About The Ingredients Labeling?

Before you ever do anything with your labeling, you must know whether your product is soap. So, if you are making the product from alkaline salts and it also carries fatty acids, it is a soap. Also, its main cleaning agent should be alkalis, oils, and fats.

Your product must carry only a soap’s features for such labeling. For instance, it should not carry any germ-killing components or any features for treating a disease. You can add the word soap in such products, but their labeling requirements will be different.

We all know ingredients make your sales easier, so adding them can be a great thing to keep in mind. The thing is that your soaps need to offer your customers the information they need to make things more clear. So, when you add ingredients, you allow your customers to know its benefits.

Make sure your ingredients should be easy for your customers to understand. This way, you allow better communication that helps your customers learn about your brand better. Also, it is permissible to add any components that are less than 1 percent of your soap.

Labeling Ingredients And Promotions

Make sure you know the methods to add ingredients to your soap label. There are two methods to do it; number one, you add what is in the end product. Then, you can mention what you used when making the product.

You should use labeling accordingly if you mention your soap as a drug that solves health issues. The same goes for other needs; if you mention other benefits, you should also use them on your labels.

The same goes for social media platforms and other channels. If you make a cosmetic or drug-like claim, you must follow drug labeling in your product packaging. So, these are some of the soap labeling laws you need to keep in mind.

Labeling Components it Should Carry

Your soaps should carry some basic information on your label, which are:

  • There should be a statement of identity for it that your customers can read and identify.
  • Also, add your business name and address to the labeling.
  • Make sure you mention your soap’s net weight on the label.

When you use the identity statement, you should also mention its type. Then, you should also add the manufacturer’s address and name. You can mention your company’s name and address if you make and distribute your products. Adding your phone number to this part of the label can help you improve your feedback stream.

Also, ensure that you add your net weight to the bottom 30 percent of your label. Make sure that you add this to the front part of your label. Adding the ingredient list of your product is also a great way to let customers let them know.

At the same time, the FDA has its own standards for soaps and synthetic materials like detergents. For example, a soap bar is made of oils, alkalis, and fats. These oils should be from any vegetable, animal, or mineral source. So, if your product is not a soap but a detergent, it will be dealt with in different ways by the concerned departments.

Organic and Natural Products

FDA does not have any definition for organic or natural products, but NOP does have a certain definition to ensure the right labeling practices. So, there is a complete definition of the production process and certification of such products to ensure they meet the regulations.

Moreover, you should ensure you add the right amount of ingredients you should use for tags like organic or natural.

Right Label Material Choice

Using the right materials for your labeling also allows for better results. Make sure you make them with a material that suits your customers and the places you use them. So, try out a waterproof material, and still, you need to make it eco-friendly.

Also, you should mention anything other than soap on the label if it does not do anything except cleaning. So, follow these laws to the core to get the best compliance.

Marketing Claims

When marketing your product, you can not use the words without the proper features you mention. So, you can mention things like

  • Moisturizing
  • Calming
  • Hydrating
  • Exfoliating
  • Conditioning
  • Cleansing

Only mention these if your product carries these properties and you label your soap as a cosmetic product. Also, you can mention your soap has some medicinal use if you label it as a drug. Here are some words you can use for your soap if it is a drug:

  • Treat rosacea
  • Treat acne
  • Prevent aging
  • Cure or prevent eczema
  • Restore hair growth
  • Treat sunburn
  • Regenerate cells
  • Reduce redness
  • Healing irritated skin

So, some of these are FDA soap labeling guidelines that you should keep in mind. Like if you use these words, your product will be dealt with as a drug, so keep that fact in your mind. Moreover, you can not claim a product to offer any therapeutic benefits if it is not a drug, so keep that fact in mind when labeling it.

Also, you should know if FDA regulates your product type or CPSC.

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