7 Types of Mailer Boxes – A Mailer Box Purchase Guide

Posted January 4, 2023 Mailer Boxes Types

Are you looking to buy mailer boxes for your needs and want to find out about their different types? If yes, this article will let you know about the types of mailer boxes and the types of mailer boxes you can try for specific needs.

You can read about corrugated, custom mailer boxes, bubble mailers, eco-friendly mailers, and others. Once you know about these types of mailer boxes, you can choose the right ones for your business.

Why Find the Best Types of Mailer Boxes?

Packaging the right goods or the right customers can be a bit difficult if you do not know about the materials. So, we have some of the top tips for choosing the right types of paper mailer boxes to offer to your customers.

Corrugated Mail Boxes

Corrugated mailer boxes are a great type of product that you can try for better product protection. These work perfectly well if you are looking for something that can protect your products when shipping. So, some of the top benefits and features you can enjoy with them are:

  • Helps you with good protection and helps you keep your products safe.
  • It can be a great type of sustainable mailer box for your shipping needs.
  • Also, it is a type of cost-effective material you can use.
  • Using and handling such boxes is easier and you can store them with ease.
  • Corrugated boxes are more customizable, which makes them perfect for many types of uses.

So, if you need these features for your business and shipping, you can definitely try them out. These benefits make these types of paper used in corrugated boxes special. You can consider this information when looking to buy the best types of mailer boxes.

When to Choose Corrugated Boxes?

If you are looking for something that is cost-effective and still can help keep your products safe, you can try corrugated boxes. Using these can help you keep the product safe and still you can customize them according to your needs. Handling such boxes is easier, so use them when you need something to easily handle packaging.

Rigid Mailer Boxes

Rigid cardboard mailer boxes are another type you can definitely try for shipping your products. Some o the features can be really good for certain jobs like

  • Such boxes are firm and you can use them when there are chances of products getting hits.
  • They can really help you avoid damage from any movements you may be looking to use for shipping.
  • If you want to ship something more expensive, you can try such boxes.

So, you can try these to make sure that whatever you ship goes without any damage, so try them out.

When to Use Boxes with Rigid Material?

You can try using these boxes when you are looking for durability. Also, they provide a great look to your product to make them super good. Using these boxes also makes you feel right, which makes them more desirable.

Try using these best types of mailer boxes that work for your branding and production needs.

Flat Mailer Boxes

Flat mailer boxes are different and you can use them for certain purposes, like for books and clothing. If you are looking to send a picture, mirror, and picture frame, you can definitely give them a try.

You should know how to use them when you wish to send them with less storage consumption. So, they also work in the form of cartons that you can send to your customers.

Bubble Mailers

If you are looking for something recyclable, you can try using poly bubble boxes. They are also known for being reusable which makes them perfect for anyone choosy about boxes as they want things to be more green.

So, if you want to buy boxes that have all of these qualities, you can get them. Just make sure that you have a priority to get such boxes in this category. So, one of the types of boxes for packaging that you can definitely give a try.

These boxes are known for having cushions or padding on their inside. This padding is known for helping with some protection and helps the box stay in shape to look good. Some providers also work with biodegradable plastics to make sure that the boxes are green to use.

When To Choose Bubble Boxes?

You can try this type of box when you are looking to protect something fragile when shipping. Such boxes come with special types of cushions that keep them safe and are one of the best materials for mailer boxes. So, you can keep your products safe and work well with an air-filled cushion.

Eco-Friendly Mailers

If you are looking to find something that helps you ship a product and you can recycle it too, you can try eco-friendly mailers for that purpose. Some features you should look for in such boxes are

  • They should be available in any size that you need.
  • Make sure that you get a custom printing option for them.
  • Also, they should be fully recyclable to be perfect if you are looking for green solutions.
  • Make sure that you get boxes that are recyclable with 100% recycled fibers.

Your boxes should be made of the right material to be eco-friendly. Corrugated bubble wrap, biodegradable packaging, and seaweed are some of the best recyclables material for such boxes.

Custom Mailer Boxes

This one is not a type of box but is definitely something that you would like to use. How? Well, the answer is in the word “Custom.” This means that you can get any size mailer boxes when you are looking to ship something.

Some tips you should remember when buying such boxes

  • You can definitely have your logo on such boxes and also can print anything you would like to.
  • Such products provide a great unboxing experience that has become so much more important for a great experience.
  • Custom mailers can be made according to your needs and the product size. So, you do not have to worry about them not being tailored to your product’s size.

Still, there are some things that you should know when you want to use such boxes, like

  • Make sure that you use the right dimensions for your products as they should go beyond the right size.
  • You should check with your mailing options and cargo services. Try to use the boxes that are right for your product and still are lighter, and smaller to make the shipping more cost-effective.
  • Your boxes should have a good size that can help with every type of requirement.
  • Also, you should make sure that your box is the right size; not too big and not too small.

White Mailer Boxes

Using white boxes can make an unboxing experience better, so you can try these. Although there are several options available in white boxes, you should stick to the tips we gave you earlier when choosing them.

Some of the benefits of such boxes lie in the beauty they offer, like

  • White boxes look clearer and more beautiful, so you can use them to make your customer’s unboxing experience better.
  • Also, you can offer a clean look that matters for sensitive products in departments like health, medical, and food. The color gives a more clean look to the product.

These types of paper boxes can be really helpful for our needs, so you can choose from them. Just make sure that you choose the right product and make use of them to the fullest.


What are the best eco-friendly materials for packaging boxes?

  • There are some of the best types of material that you can use for eco-friendliness, like:
  • Compostable materials like wheat straw and corn straw
  • Cornstarch packaging made from cornstarch materials
  • Mushroom packaging made from mycelium, which is a fungus found in mushrooms.
  • Glassine packaging
  • Kraft paper that manufacturers make from wood pulp
  • Corrugated packages made from trees and old containers.
  • Cellulose packaging made from hemp, cotton, or wood

What are the top things to consider when shipping mailer boxes?

You should know the following tips when choosing the right mailer boxes:

  • You should know your product’s size and know how heavy your products are.
  • Make sure that your mailer box goes with the product’s shape.
  • Try to use the ones that give enough protection for your product to make your shipment safe.

What are the best packaging boxes materials?

You can try one of the following box materials according to your needs:

  • Duplex board is one of the boxes of the most high-quality material you can find.
  • Art paper works for paper bags and rigid gift boxes.
  • High-density board is another that you can try for higher quality than a duplex board.
  • Kraft paper card stock is used for corrugated fiberboard production.

Final Thoughts

We discussed some of the best materials and types of mailer boxes that you should know when purchasing such products. Using corrugated material, white mailer boxes or other designs totally depends on your needs, so make sure that you use them well.

Also, you can try using flat, bubble, and eco-friendly boxes. The use of these boxes can help you with the shipment of any box you want to deliver your products in.

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