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Posted September 21, 2023 Pantone Color Matching System

Your printing is your outlook for your customers, and you must make an impression that lasts forever. So, do you know what is Pantone color matching system is and how to use it? Your packaging needs to offer the best colors, so this system can transform what your products look like. We will discuss PMS, how to use it, why it matters, its comparison, and much more. So, let’s start.

What Is PMS Color?

PMS or Pantone color system is a method to match colors and is famous for its purpose. Using it can help improve your color quality for printing and design jobs of multiple types. You can specify colors that you can not mix with CMYK. You can find a complete range of colors in PMS, which means you can have an impressive range.

You can also find fluorescent and metallic shades in this one. So, how is it useful for your needs? You can use it to define your desired color for your printing jobs. This means you can use it to finalize the color you want and use it for your purpose. It allows you to get a color-matching system that you can use to give color information to your designers and others.

So, the thing is, when the light conditions change, they make changes in the color’s outlook, which you can maintain with this system. Also, there are palettes available in this system, like plastic, textile, solid, and process palettes. Also, you can transfer your CMYK to PMS colors, and the opposite is possible.

You can find two types of colors in this department; coated and uncoated. You can see the difference between the two when you print them on coated or matt stock.

How To Make Things More Accurate?

Mixing the colors lets you get the best accuracy for your print jobs. Make sure you avoid color tolerance when you use this system.

Accuracy With PMS

CMYK may not work well when making things consistent, and PMS can be a great alternative. This one allows you to match colors in a better way when you are printing. So, you get it when you want to add accuracy to your brand identity.

Also, you get richer colors, so you do not have to rely on certain levels of a small range of colors to work for you. Instead, PMS allows you to get a wide range and mix them up for accurate and vivid results.

Printing Frequency And Cost Cutting

The Pantone matching system also saves you money as you have to make smaller plates for each color than CMYK. At the same time, you get the results faster, which makes it even more special. Another great thing is you can get smaller variations to include in your images.

Also, you can get impressive results if you want perfect text colors for your printing with a range of Pantone color codes. Another notable benefit is that you get premixed options for your job. Moreover, a range of colors is unavailable in CMYK, and you get them in this system.

The mechanism of this system allows you to work with numbers that ensure accuracy in color hues during the printing process.

PMS Color Pallets

When it comes to color palettes for this system, there are some options. So, you can use each one of them for a certain need. For instance:

  • You use Pantone solid palette for your print jobs.
  • Also, you can use the process palette.
  • Then, there is a textile type you can use for your textile industry.

So, there are different colors you can get with your palettes. This way, you have a range to utilize and make your products special.



You can find multiple different things regarding the difference between the two. So,

  • When using CMYK, you get four colors you can layer during printing. You use this system to mix different colors to get a certain shade.
  • Pantone has a better range when it comes to color options.
  • CMYK printing is not as accurate as its counterpart, which makes the Pantone system more reliable and preferable.
  • You do not get the best accuracy when using CMYK, as images look different for different printers.
  • At the same time, there can be a difference between the screen image and the printed one when you use this one.
  • Pantone system images would cost you more than the counterpart. You have to use multiple colors to make a certain image.
  • So, you may prefer CMYK when printing multiple colors for your images.
  • This method also allows you to do multiple jobs together. Its counterpart would be prepared for each job separately, which makes it a better option for certain needs.
  • As you have prepared Pantone every time, ensure you use it for bigger jobs.
  • You can use RGB with Pantone only. Also, you should try CMYK when you are not worried about the accuracy of the results.
  • On the other hand, this system is used differently by printer manufacturers around the globe. This means all printer companies will have different versions of colors.



These two are among the most common systems for using colors. So, you can have the RGB when you want to use monitors or a TV. RGB works on the mechanism of light by mixing different colors. On the other hand, Pantone does not mix different colors to make a certain one.

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