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Posted January 3, 2023 Cannabis Labeling requirements

Are you a US manufacturer and working in the State of California? If yes, this article will completely change your thoughts about cannabis labeling and packaging. You can read about these laws in this article that will change your manufacturing position and improve your credibility.

So, the better you learn about state laws, the better you can label and sell these products.

Common California Cannabis Labeling Requirements

Learning about cannabis is a must for anyone selling these products in any area. So, if you sell them in California, you must know what State laws you must comply with.

When it comes to different cannabis categories, there are two basic types you always need to keep in mind:

One is the manufactured ones, and the other is pure or non-manufactured products; so, as a manufacturer, you should learn about the ones you manufacture.

What falls under manufactured edible goods?

  • Candies and sweets made with this ingredient
  • Drink additives made of this basic ingredient
  • Also, your drinks that use this product
  • Any baked goods that fall under this product’s category
  • Mints are another product type that may be considered edibles.

On the other hand, topical cannabis products fall under the manufactured category of cannabis goods.

The most basic requirements for any cannabis or CBD good packaging is that it should be:

  • Always use tamper-evident packaging
  • Make sure these products have child resistance
  • Also, you should use resealable and opaque boxes or packages.

What is Considered Child-Resistant Packaging?

There are three types of child-resistant packaging when it comes to these products. So, these can be:

  • The packaging has a certification following the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. You can have this certification after tests.
  • Also, your product can carry a cork-style cap if it is meant for one serving to be child-resistant.
  • A plastic packaging that has heat sealing and is four mils thick. Moreover, it should have no easy-opening tab and not have a corner, flaps that normal boxes contain, or even a dimple.

Then there are two more types of child-resistant packaging: one single-use and the second multiple-use. A single-use package will be one that you can use once and is no more child-resistant. The multiple-use is the one that can be used multiple times after opening. A multiple-open package should stay resistant after first use. On the other hand, a single-use resistant one will lose its resistance after a first-time opening.

Some Labeling Requirements You Need to Follow?

Labeling is an important part you must keep in mind to make labeling visible on the outer side of the packaging.

Some things to avoid:

  • Make sure you never use any California city or county name if the product is not produced hundred percent at that place.
  • Ensure now to mention any cannabis product as organic if the National Organic Program authorizes it.
  • You can not print unproven information about your product or its ingredients. This includes any medical claims. Moreover, your edible product boxes should not carry any pictures of the product packed inside.
  • Also, you can not label these products as alcoholic beverages.
  • Your packaging can never contain any illustrations or cartoons that may attract children. Also, in your packaging, you can not use words like candy or candies or more casual versions of them like Kandeez.

How To Mention Content in The Packaging?

Your manufactured cannabis product should mention the amount of THC and CBD in milligrams per package you sell. Also, you should mention the amount of THC and CBD it carries per serving.

What to Include in the Primary Packaging Panel?

Some elements must be there in the primary packaging panel of your boxes. For instance:

  • It should have a common or generic name that tells what is packed inside the box. This name should define the product type, like a vape cartridge, tincture, or chocolate.
  • Ensure it carries metric and US customary total volume or weight, excluding the packaging weight or volume.
  • Make sure it carries a symbol that indicates it is a cannabis product. In addition, it should be black and have a height of more than 0.25 inches and at least the same width.
  • Use “Cannabis Infused” in your packaging in bold font that should be bigger than the product identity text size.

These California law label requirements should always follow clear indications of this information that you must always remember.

Things You Must Include in the Informational Panel?

The authorities consider this panel, not the primary panel. So, it should carry the following:

  • It should carry the date of packaging when you sell for retail. Make sure it carries this date’s month, day, and year.
  • Inform the users of any artificial coloring materials in the product.
  • Mention a medical statement of “For Medical Use Only” if the product contains THC that you can sell in a medicinal market or store.
  • If the product can go rotten after opening, mention one of these statements “KEEP REFRIGERATED” or “REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING.”
  • Mention any allergens the product carries.
  • It should carry all ingredients and sub-ingredients.
  • You should use the company name that is mentioned on your registration license. Moreover, you should mention your website and phone number.
  • Always mention instructions for preparation if the product needs any such procedures.
  • Add your unique tracking number or UID and also batch or lot number.
  • Ensure that the package carries the government’s warning statement for cannabis products.

So, you must follow these laws by the cannabis packaging California authority or the Department of Cannabis Control California for your products at all times.

We Follow These California Cannabis Packaging Requirements

So, we at Packaging Hub can help if you work in the state and want to follow California cannabis packaging regulations. A great business in this sector is only possible if you follow these laws, as every manufacturer and vendor must comply. That is why our services can offer you real compliance that every package must carry that carries your product.

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