11 CBD Box and Custom Packaging Myths Explained

Posted August 26, 2022 CBD Box Packaging Myths

You might be wondering why we’re busting myths about CBD packaging. After all, isn’t the point of packaging to keep the product safe and sound?

Well, yes and no. Of course, safety is paramount when packaging any product. But these days, consumers also look for stylish, informative, and eco-friendly packaging.

And when it comes to CBD products, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about what type of packaging is best. So, let’s clear the air on a few things, shall we?

Myth #1: All CBD Packaging Needs to Be Opaque

cbd product and box

Because CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, a misconception exists that all CBD packaging must be opaque. After all, isn’t it necessary for items containing THC?

Not necessarily. While THC-containing goods must be stored in opaque packaging, CBD products are not subject to the same restriction. In reality, many CBD items are available in transparent bottles or boxes so that users may inspect the contents.

Myth #2: Needs to Be Tamper-Evident

The purpose of tamper-evident packaging is for consumers to know if a product has been opened or tampered with. While this form of packaging is relevant for some items, it isn’t always required for CBD goods.

In most cases, cannabis products are perfectly safe without tamper-evident packaging. However, there are some exceptions. For example, CBD products sold in liquid form may need to be packaged in tamper-evident bottles.

Myth #3: CBD Packaging Needs to Be Child-Resistant

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This myth is perpetuated by the fact that many CBD products are infused with THC. And while it’s true that all THC-containing products must be packaged in child-resistant containers, the same isn’t necessarily valid for cannabis items.

CBD products that don’t contain any THC can be packaged in standard containers that are not child-resistant. However, some CBD manufacturers use child-resistant packaging for all their products, even those without THC.

Myth #4: Needs to Be FDA-Approved

This one is a bit of a gray area. The FDA has not yet released any formal regulations regarding CBD boxes packaging. However, that doesn’t mean that all CBD packaging is currently unregulated.

In reality, the FDA has guided what they expect from CBD companies regarding packaging. For example, they’ve stated that all cannabis products must be labeled with appropriate serving sizes and storage instructions.

The best way to ensure your CBD product is packaged correctly is to work with a reputable packaging company. They’ll be up-to-date on all the latest FDA guidelines and can help you choose the best packaging for your needs.

Myth #5: Packaging Needs to Be Heat-Sealed

Heat sealing is a process that uses high temperatures to seal a package shut. It’s often used for food items but is not always necessary for CBD products.

In reality, many marijuana products can be safely stored without being heat-sealed. However, there are some exceptions. For example, CBD products sold in liquid form may need to be packaged in heat-sealed bottles.

Myth #6: Labeled with a Batch Number

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Batch numbers are typically used to track products through the manufacturing process. And while batch numbers can be helpful, they’re not always necessary.

Many CBD products can be safely stored without being labeled with a batch number.

Myth #7: All CBD Packaging Needs to Be Sterile

Sterility is essential for some products but is not necessarily required for CBD products. Many cannabis products are perfectly safe and effective without being sterile.

Myth #8: Personalization is Not Important

CBD is something that not everyone would say yes to. At the same time, people who use it have a unique taste that no vendor can deny. So, if you need to learn how to make your boxes look special for those interested in boxes, you should; it can be a real disaster come true.

A big myth we want to bust here is that you should know the customer’s taste before personalizing the boxes. You must know

  • Ensure you let your customers know the ingredients to let them understand if they need one product or the other.
  • You should ask customers about their packaging taste via customer support or surveys. This method can boost your sales by letting people decide what kind of packaging they would fall for; simple and easy.
  • Also, choose certain products with colors according to your customers’ inclinations and aptitudes.

Myth #9: Less Need To Understand Your Customers

Knowing your audience is an important part you should never overlook in any industry, which surely applies to CBD. So make sure you choose the colors that suit adults and attract them.

  • Make sure that you create boxes that look high-end and luxurious.
  • Your customers should be attracted to your boxes and drive them to buy your products.
  • Try to make your boxes elegant with many fun colors that go with the theme.

Myth #10: Environmental Friendliness is Not Important

Now, if you want to emphasize having eco-friendly boxes or not, you should know what it means when discussing eco-friendly products. We have some stats that are eye-opening for your customers, and they care about them:

  • Reducing the US office paper consumption by 10% will reduce 1.6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, equal to emissions of around 300 thousand cars on the road.
  • When you create 1 ton of paper, you must release 5.6 thousand pounds of greenhouse gases.
  • Paper is the reason for 25 percent of landfill waste and causes 1/3rd of methane emissions that humans are responsible for.
  • The paper industry is the 4th largest one that releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which makes it a big concern for your customers that you can not overlook or ignore.

Your customers know these facts, and they care about the environment, which makes them prone to avoiding vendors that do not care about the environment. So, it would help if you gave this issue proper attention to ensure that you do not make them run away.

Myth #11: You Can’t Transform Customers’ Thoughts About Products With Packaging

Now, you may think that you do not feel that way and believe that boxes can make a huge difference in your product’s image. But isn’t it true that some people do not like CBD products due to their perceptions of them? So, boxes are a part of branding that you can do for your CBD boxes that have the power to change how they think about them.

Some benefits that can lead to a perception shift

  • Boxes can create a memorable impression and create a feeling of reliability.
  • You can enforce a new perspective with an advertisement, and so do the boxes work to improve your brand’s perception to your customers.
  • Your packaging can help you give them an impression that you are someone memorable when you use premium quality packaging. So, you have a chance to make a big impression that matters in any industry, and CBD is nothing different.
  • If you can deliver a positive message to your existing and potential customers, you can get new ones for better sales.

CBD Box and Custom Packaging Myths Busted

So there you have it! These are just a few of the most common myths about CBD packaging. Now that you know the truth, you can decide what packaging is best for your CBD product. Be sure to contact a professional packaging company to complete the print job for you to ensure quality and compliance.

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