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Posted January 4, 2023 Candle labeling requirements

So, are you a candle manufacturer? Well, you may be working hard on creating romantic candles. Or you may create the ones we use for ambiance or aesthetic value. But how do you sell them without being law-compliant?

So, here is the solution to comply with laws in the United States. This article will give you actionable ways to ensure you follow the laws of packaging and labeling these amazing products. You will also get some essential candle labeling guidelines you must remember.

Candle Packaging Requirements

Your candle boxes need to follow laws that ensure the well-being of the users. So, these laws help your customers be safe and make you credible for government departments. That is why you should comply with these laws:

  • Adding your company name and contact information to your boxes is a must. Also, you should add “distributed by” or “manufactured for” if your company is the one that manufactured them. This way, you also offer your vendors and their customers to learn about your company and how they can contact you.
  • Some labeling laws ensure your candle remains safe for your consumers. So, you should include “Burn Within Sight” printed on your boxes. Also, you should mention, “Keep away from children.”
  • Mention your product weight on the package in two forms; metric requirements and standard. It can be near the bottom, and it is the weight that the candle’s wax carries.
  • It is recommended to use safety labeling on your candles, but it is completely fine if you do not.
  • Your product packaging should carry a product description in The Statement of Identity. Here, you can mention the product’s type, which may also tell about its material.
  • Add your company name to the packaging or add the product’s origin. For such labeling, ensure you add the city, state, zip code, and street address.

Candle Labeling Guidelines For Packages

When it comes to labeling these amazing products, there are some laws you need to keep in mind. Then some practices ensure you get the best labeling compliance. So, there are three categories when we talk about labeling:

  • The first one is the container or the holder of the product.
  • Then, there is a primary label
  • Also, you can find a safety label on their boxes.

Then, you should also focus on what you can get with these labels. So, we will discuss these and what you need to do here.

The Primary Label

Make sure you give the right information in this part of candle labeling. So, you should offer the following pieces of information here:

  • What type of wax did you use for the candles you are selling?
  • Ensure your customers find out how it was made with this label.
  • Moreover, the labeling should carry its overall burn time.
  • Also, the packaging should contain the product’s weight according to state laws or other regions.

Safety Label Part

This part of your label must carry some safety information and caution for your customers. So, you should always add fire safety information to ensure your customer’s safety. This part should also contain information about the candle’s burning part or the wick.

Your safety label is among the most important parts that provide information about a candle’s dangers and instructions. Adding the right font to your weight label is a must you should keep in mind. For instance, it should be visible to your customers. There are complete mathematical formulas that apply to your labeling requirements, so keep them in mind.

The authorities consider candles dangerous, so its safety panel must follow some laws and regulations. For instance, it should carry a statement of principal hazard and cautionary material plus usage instructions. Also, add the statement, “Keep away from things that catch fire.”

Your safety label can be in several places on your packaging. For instance, you can add it to the bottom, sides, or top. Adding it to your candle is also permissible if you can not place it on the packaging for some reason.

Some Requirements To Keep In Mind

You can not use any material you want for your candle manufacturing. So, ensure you add your safety labeling in a visible place for your audience. Also, it is not permissible to hide your safety warning. Make sure you add a warning alert symbol if the warning only carries text as a safety warning.

When importing or manufacturing candles, you should also ensure that you test the product before it comes into the market for sale. Ensure that your packaging carries a country of origin marking on the product or its packaging.

This applies to all candle types imported and marketed in the United States. First, if you can not comply with California Proposition 65 you should use warnings and information statements. Next, you can read about candle label requirements you must always remember.

Candle Labeling Requirements

Before entering the market, you should learn about your candle products’ legal and industry requirements. For example, label packaging font size depends on your surface area. So, you must follow these candle label requirements to ensure compliance with the laws.

Your Candles Need This Labeling Solution

So, mistakes can become blunders when you have so many laws and regulations to follow. We ensure your packaging and labeling comply with all of these candle labeling requirements USA authorities impose. Packaging Hub ensures its operations comply with these laws and follow best practices.

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