How To Choose The Right Packaging Color

Posted March 22, 2023 How to Choose Packaging Color

So, are you in the packaging world looking to get more sales and improve how well your products perform? Well, your packaging can not have enough without considering what colors will do the job. So, any audience will be interested in your goods when they find the right colors in the packs.

So, you need to use colors that can impact them positively. The better you target them with colors will always equal more sales. So, you can read what colors to choose for your kid’s products, female audience products, and men. Also, we will try to find out if packaging colors can differ in impact in a certain culture or country.

The better you plan your colors, the more you can be sure your products get the real value and sales you deserve. So, here we go!

Types of Colors

Your branding and packaging need to offer a certain type of impression to your customers. So, if you use certain colors, you can be sure it has the flare you want to add. For instance, you can use warmer colors for a certain type of packaging. Using warm colors allows you to give a feeling of excitement and energy.

On the other hand, you can have more calming colors to help you achieve a better feel. The list of calming colors includes blue, green, and purple. So, if your product contains something you want to show as offering calmness, you can try blue and green.

On the other hand, neutral colors like white and gray would offer warm and calm feelings depending on their undertones.

Color Psychology

When it comes to color psychology, there is a list of things your products need to carry. So, here are some facts from scientific studies made easy for you:

  • Studies show that colors can improve your product’s credibility.
  • Colors like red can show a certain emotion or tone you can associate. For example, you can have more lively effects when you use it for your products.
  • On the other hand, the same color may show certain dangerous conditions when used differently.
  • Blue is famous for carrying a feeling of trustworthiness for a certain product. The same color can also be perceived as positive and relaxing.
  • At the same time, you can have a white color to show simplicity and black for fashion.
  • In food products, the use of red color can create an expectation of the product carrying strawberry flavor.
  • On the other hand, the audience may consider coffee warmer when you serve it with a red vessel.
  • Audiences may consider red wine tastier when you serve it in a blue glass.
  • Moreover, your product type and audience greatly impact what color you should use for them.

These are some facts from studies that show how color can impact your customers and their perception of your products. Further, we will cover different demographics and how packaging colors can impact them.

How To Choose Your Colors

Psychology can answer every question about how your customers choose your product. That is why colors play an important role in how they react to it. So, your products can perform better when you know what your customers want from you. Also, here are some other tips:

  • Try to have a certain brand image with the color you use and the perception it should carry.
  • Be sure your product image gets the right representation with the hues you use.
  • Understand the culture of your audience to be sure you are using the right shades or not.
  • Your product needs to create a certain feel for your audience. Only the right ones can tell if your product will be attractive.
  • Be sure you understand the general perception people have about a product. This fact varies with different factors. Your audience’s age, gender, culture, and other demographics play a crucial role.
  • Understand the psychology of your audience and choose the colors most appealing to them and your preferences. Then, do not make changes to these colors to improve branding effects.

So, the right packaging color codes can be a way to improve your sales. The better you understand your color use, the more results your packaging is bound to get.

Packaging Colors For Female Audiences

Female demographics have their own factors of impact in the colors department. So, here is what you must know:

  • Females have a bigger range of colors to choose from, and they also can be more touchy about them.
  • Although there are unisex colors, which you can use for both males and females.
  • Women have a larger vocabulary when it comes to colors. They can perceive more colors on a product than men.
  • Females are more conscious about the hues they choose when buying a product.
  • Studies also show that women like to wear light hues.

These facts show that some colors may be preferable for women while others may not be. So, choosing the right ones for women’s products can be a great way to get more results.

Men and Shades

When it comes to hues for men, they have certain preferences they would have. Here are some shades that men would be more interested in on products and in general:

  • It is proven that men like blue as the most preferable one.
  • They also like using green.
  • Another one they would prefer is black.
  • Men are famous for not liking yellow and grey.
  • On the other hand, they would also like red and orange to some extent.
  • Brown is one of the least liked ones for men, so it is purple.

So, these hues show that your male audience may be more interested in them. Using these can be beneficial for your brand and product when packed.

For Kids

Kids have their own way of perceiving colors, so you should keep that in mind if they have certain preferences. Children may not always completely impact a purchase, but they have a big influence. So, here is what colors mean for them; this information can impact how they react to a certain product:

  • A product may induce happiness in kids when it carries yellow.
  • Blue can cause them to feel sad.
  • If you use green for your product, they may be glad to see it.
  • Orange can help increase happiness and excitement.

So, using these hues can be a way you increase sales of your toys, candies, and other stuff. Colored packaging is a big method of getting the right beauty for your customers. So, shades also make a big impact on kids when looking to beat your competition.

Packaging Color Schemes And Cultures

Perception of hues also depends on the culture your product will be sold. So here are some things you should know about using them in your product packaging:

In Western Culture

Western culture has its own set of perceptions around colors. So, here are some common perceptions people may have about your products in this setting:

  • Orange may create a feeling of warmth for the western audience.
  • If you want to add happiness, you can try using yellow.
  • Brown is considered a shade of comfort and stability in this culture.
  • Green may create a feeling of greed and luck.
  • Blue is famous for having a calming effect and also trust.


Green is for hope and harvest, while yellow is for sacredness. Orange is considered one of courage, love, and sacredness. On the other hand, red is a color of beauty, power, and wealth. Black is considered a color of evil, negativity, and darkness.

Far East Cultures

For far Eastern countries, orange may be a source of happy and spiritual vibes. Brown may show a feeling of mourning and earth. Yellow would be a for masculinity and sacredness. On the other hand, blue would show feminity and a vibe of healing.

Middle Eastern Countries

Here is what common hues mean in these cultures:

  • Orange is for mourning and loss.
  • Brown may represent harmony and comfort.
  • Green may be taken as the color of fertility and hope.
  • Blue shows mourning and spirituality.
  • Purple would indicate a feeling of wealth and royalty.
  • If you use red hues in middle eastern culture, it will represent danger, evil, and caution.

So, although a certain packaging color may offer a certain feel for a culture, age, and other demographics, it is not final. Multiple factors play a role, which is why your customers may or may not pay attention to certain ones.

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