How Does Modified Atmosphere Packaging Protect Foods

Posted February 23, 2023 Modified Atmosphere Packaging Solutions

Are you in the food business looking for futuristic solutions without compromising your product’s protection? Well, the thing is, environmental factors play a huge role when it comes to food packaging. And making sure your products get perfect packaging is something you need to keep in mind at all times.

So, MAP packaging is a significant solution with some impressive features other materials won’t provide. This is why we have some features you need to know to make sure you understand how they can benefit you. Here we go!

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging?

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) method is a new solution that helps keep food products safe by removing the chances of spoiling with gaseous substances. In addition, it offers protection from gases that are produced during packaging. The environment that comes into existence with packaging is kept at a level that does not harm food products heavily.

The primary method used in the technology is to change the atmosphere inside the packaging. This way, you improve the shelf life of your food products by preserving them from factors that cause them to go rotten.

Benefits of Modified Atmosphere Packaging

When it comes to this technology, it works amazingly well for better shelf life, and you can improve how good your product looks. At the same time, you do not have to use any chemicals for your products, and they will last longer without losing taste. Moreover, it allows you to keep your product’s nutritional benefits intact.

Using this technology allows you to reduce the cost that comes with the transportation of your food products. But, on the other hand, you can have these benefits only when your product is packed.

Types of Modified Atmosphere Packaging

There are some types of packaging that companies have been using for their food packaging.


One of the top types of Modified Atmosphere Packaging is Irradiation is one. It benefits meat and other food products, but some may not get enough benefits. For instance, it may not work well for beef and create odor and color issues. But the results also depend on the dose you use for your packaging.

This process helps reduce the growth of germs that cause problems in food products, like odors and color issues. At the same time, vacuuming in packaging will change how safe your product will be. At the same time, gas mixtures of carbon dioxide and molecular nitrogen can help.

But the cost of these technologies has worked as a barrier to making them easy for food packaging.

Gas-Flushed Packaging:

When making your product safer on the shelf, using gas-flushing is a good method in MAP. If you want to preserve your food from issues, you can try this technology for your packaging. At the same time, you can get good results when creating a good taste for food products.

Barrier Packaging Films:

These materials can also help you with better protection for your food. Using such materials can help your product survive against moisture and oxygen. Protecting from these environmental factors can help improve your food product’s shelf life. This technology uses multiple films you can use for your food packaging. So, it allows you to protect your food from any environmental factors. There are CAP Packaging solutions that allow better shelf life for your food products.

Active Modification:

In this method, you should remove gases in the packaging and replace them with some that work for the purpose. For example, oxygen absorbers are one of the gases you may use for your products. At the same time, you may use carbon dioxide absorbers in your product.

On the other hand, gases like Ethylene absorbers also work in this technology. So, it is one of the top MAP packaging solutions.

Passive Modification:

Another technology that works in this regard is passive modification. The use of plastic films can help you with this technology as several versions of the material are underway. So, the better you learn about these films, the more chance you have of getting better absorption of your gases will occur. This means when you remove gases from your packages, you ensure you protect your food.

At the same time, you can have an active modification method as you can add some gases inside the packaging. So, it is a must to remove carbon dioxide from your packages. Passive modification may not cost you a lot; however, active modification may take a lot of costs.

There are also plastic films that work for vegetables and fruit, and working on these films can improve results. Film packaging also helps with benefits like less contamination and material-commodity connection. At the same time, you get better at protecting food products from rotting when you use this technology.

Futuristic Packaging Solutions by Packaging Hub

The Packaging Hub is the solution to make your packaging more secure for food products. You can rely on packaging that helps improve your product’s shelf life. We use the most futuristic technologies that ensure better results for your packaging. You can rely on our services and products that make a huge difference in your promotions.

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