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Posted March 14, 2023 Features of Retail Packaging

Did you know that Christmas retail sales increased by 13.5% in 2021? That is a huge leap and tells how much vendors and wholesalers can earn when the holidays are around the corner. So, you can make huge amounts when your business has demand, which this one does.

This is why you must understand what you need to know as a vendor or a wholesaler. You can read about its types, what features they should have, and how they differ from eCommerce packaging.

Retail Packaging and Ecommerce Packaging Difference

E-commerce and retail packaging may appear to be the same for a commoner, but there are some basic differences. Retail packaging has different materials than e-commerce packaging. One obvious thing that applies is that e-commerce packaging needs to be stronger and sturdier. On the other hand, retail packaging may be less sturdy.

Retail packaging may also work for branding and marketing purposes, while e-commerce packaging may not carry that. But one thing is for sure they need to carry your branding elements also to give a great unboxing experience. Moreover, you should consider your customers’ needs when producing them.

This way, you add the right features that can help people with better results for their delivery and e-commerce needs.

Types of Retail Packaging

Now you must know what retail is and why it matters for stores. You can not go without them no matter how big your store is. You need to store many of them when selling shoes, cosmetics, or anything in between. But what types would suit your industry, and what features should those carry?

Here are some choices you can include:

Cosmetic Boxes:

Cosmetic boxes can make you rich when you use to sell them to retailers and wholesalers. Targeting bigger brands can also be a great way to bring more money in. So here is what they need to carry:

  • Cosmetics may be considered among the products people spend a lot on. So, you can make them more special, which can help you earn more money when sold.
  • You should be able to cater to both bigger and smaller brands. So, keep them good for everyone interested in your boxes.
  • Now, it may be a shock for you, but brands will be interested in cosmetic boxes that do not smell, and we have evidence for that.
  • Adding extra add-ons should also be easy for your boxes. For instance, if you want to add ribbons, it should work easily.
  • Make sure they are easy to fold, too. At the same time, their edges should align well to ensure better results.
  • Card stock can be a great choice for making them even better.

Clothing Boxes For Brands:

So, if you are into selling clothing packaging boxes for bigger brands, here are some features such products should carry:

  • A good old window will work amazingly well in such a box displaying your clothes.
  • Make sure that they never bleed any color to make brand merch safe.
  • Try using inserts for them if they are for something that needs support from the inside.
  • Merchandises like shoes may need such support, so customize it. At the same time, inserts can be a unique way to represent their products.
  • No one likes an odor, and neither will end users. Ensure no bad smell is in your boxes to simplify your clients’ lives.

Food Products Retail Boxes:

There are a whole lot of products that come into the good category. So, here is what you need to know in any case for their features:

  • Ensure their corners are cut evenly so your customers can pack them easily and precisely.
  • They should be strong enough for every possible type of delivery your clients may have to use for them.
  • You should try using boxes that customers can microwave easily. At the same time, their material should not harm your customers.
  • Such boxes may also be able to measure your customer’s food portions to make things easy for them.
  • Make sure they offer refrigeration and freezing. Also, they should not cause freeze-burn for your customers.
  • Your food boxes should always be leakproof to prevent leakage during delivery or other transit.

In the Gifts Category:

Now, your customers’ Christmas or Thanksgiving gifts mean a lot to them, and so do their boxes. So, if your customers are looking to make things look extra special for their recipients, here are some choices you can try:

Lid Boxes:

Now, this one is simple, and they appear to have existed forever. Still, they carry much attraction for your recipients as far as they are beautiful enough. So, here are some features that ensure your lid box choice is perfect:

  • Make sure your product is not too thin or fragile. Ensure it offers enough strength to your gift.
  • Keep the box sizes that are most relevant for a season and around the year. If you do not have the right sizes available, you will miss out on many sales that you would never want to happen.
  • Use the ones people can decorate according to the season you sell them. A nice ribbon here and an amazing bow there would pay off.
  • Now, strength is important for any box, and these need to carry them on all sides. You may not get the right qualities if your lid side is weak.
  • Try using unique and better materials like a book board.
  • This may sound crazy, but they should be ready to be wrapped and sent, which makes them easy to use.

These are some unique features your customer’s gift boxes need to be delivered with.

Magnetic Closure Boxes:

Now, magnetic boxes can make a great impression, and they save you time as well. So when your customers want boxes for gifts, these can be a great choice to keep in your store. But ensure they carry these features:

  • They should allow you to pack things easily. How they do is that you do not have to wrap them that much. You pack your gifts in it, and it is done.
  • Your magnetic should be strong to allow closure every time opened, which is a durability factor.
  • As their magnetic property is a great choice, you can have great use for multiple needs. So, they can try it for other things once they have enjoyed their gift.

Collapsible Magnetic Boxes:

Collapsible boxes can make things look special, and you also have a design variation that gift recipients would love. So, here is what to have:

  • Magnets make things difficult to recycle, so they should have this ability.
  • Their beauty is important to remember as they have to offer elegance.

Bakery Boxes:

Bakery boxes have their special feel, and they need to make your customers feel hungry. So, it would be best if you made boxes that are appetizing for customers. That is why these features make it better:

  • Your boxes need to make your boxes odorless. Using boxes that carry smell will never be a choice for a bakery; you know what I mean.
  • Such boxes need to carry a window to attract your customers into buying.
  • Make your boxes safe for your fragile cookies and brownies.
  • Your boxes should not be stainable, as bakers may use them with glossy hands.
  • They should be customizable according to needs, so get the ones that go with the season. Your brand must go with the season of your sales or other occasions.
  • These boxes should look professional as you have to impress customers into buying.

Let Your Retail Packaging Stand Out

Retail packaging is no child’s play; you must make things have the features according to industry needs. These shared facts derive from customers’ problems when using your retail boxes. We have a keen eye on avoiding such issues on any boxes or packaging you get.

Packaging Hub has all the top materials, expertise, experience, and team that can win you more customers. So, let your brand and wholesale business breathe with precision and perfection that sells big and earns huge.

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