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Posted January 6, 2023 eCommerce Packaging

So, does everyone know what Amazon or Shopify is doing in this Post-COVID era? It is also predicted that Meta will try to take over this e-commerce market. They are all set to give hard competition to these existing e-commerce giants. So, what does it mean to be a common vendor working in retail?

Well, the thing is, every vendor wants to go big, and post-COVID is all about using the internet for sales. So, how are they supposed to use their packaging for this sector to ensure more sales? This article will give you all the tips you need for improving your boxes and other packaging products for the e-commerce trade.

You can read about the best practices for such trade and what is e-commerce packaging.

Size It Well

So, no one would accept a package that reaches them in a box that is too small for the product. It would look like a train in a rabbit hole. Similarly, your big box can not carry something small; it will be just like a round peg in a square hole.

So, your customer experience can be negatively affected by such a package. However, several add-ons may keep your product looking right-sized for your package. For instance, you can try using inserts or pillows for your packages.

Environmental Factors

You can avoid issues when you protect your ecommerce packages from environmental factors like temperature, pathogens, contaminants, and sun. So, make sure you use packages that can avoid any loss of flavor, color, texture, or others. There are studies on how different packaging designs can help reduce food wastage.

The experts believe that portion sizing and knowing your food product use behaviors can help in this regard. This way, your e-commerce products in the food category can get protection from general no-use wastage. Also, it will protect from any environmental issues that play a role, like moisture and pathogens.

Further, your packaging designs need to use custom tools that make your food products safer during transit in the e-commerce trade.

Package Graphics

Using the right package graphics is a must your ecommerce business needs to keep in mind. So, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Right color separations
  • Best images resolution
  • Impressive coatings
  • Stupendous illustrations and fonts
  • Use of great logos
  • Using embossing or debossing plus other effects where required
  • The right labeling methods.

Legal Needs

This one applies to any product needing a package or a box and must follow laws applying to labeling. Products like CBD, candles, soaps, and everything you ever saw need to comply with labeling. So, using the right methods for labeling is a must for any kind of labeling.

So, keep in mind that these laws will apply to your packaging. In the US, there are dozens of acts on labeling rules and laws you need to follow for your trade.

Types Of Boxes For Ecommerce

Well, your boxes need to keep your products safe, but what types will help you get that? The thing is, some common boxes make things easy for you, like corrugated boxes. Some others are:

  • Padded mailers
  • Bags
  • Custom boxes
  • Rigid boxes

Also, stores on marketplaces like Amazon sell cardboard boxes for such jobs. Such boxes carry the ability to protect your products with their thickness.

Using custom boxes has no limits, so you can definitely use the box types that suit your job. So, the better you learn about your needs, the more results you can get with them for long routes.

Creativity With Shapes

E-commerce is all about impressing your audience and customers with great vibes they can make on their social media. So, when they search for a product, they keep in mind that their designs play an important role. That is why some shapes add creativity to any packaging. Use the ones that may apply to your packaging in e-commerce:

  • Origami boxes
  • Polygonal boxes
  • Shoe packaging purses
  • Pentagonal boxes
  • Hexagonal packaging

Now, these packaging types may not work for the outward part but will definitely work for their creativity. So, you can pack your product in them as the immediate box or the primary packaging idea. In comparison, you may need another packaging for protection and some other features.

Packaging Effects on Marketing and Sales

The psychology of marketing and packaging plays an important role. So, here are some tips to improve your sales:

  • Using vivid pictures improves your potential customers’ happiness levels. So, you can get more sales by using this emotion for your product. The use of the right elements can help improve your product’s attractiveness.
  • When you use a certain packaging, ensure your size, form, material, and colors work together to give an impression.
  • The use of the right packaging can surpass the benefits of a good advertisement.
  • For your customers, your product packaging is just like the product, so it impacts their overall impression.

These effects make a good impact and need attention from vendors during e-commerce package design. So, what is e-commerce packaging? Your e-commerce packaging needs to help improve your sales in the industry, and this is what it truly means to be.

Sustainability and Sales

So, sustainability is a big question for your customers these days. They care a lot about their packaging’s sustainability when buying something in any way. That is why the same will always apply to the e-commerce deliveries they receive.

So, here are some stats:

  • 67 percent of consumers believe that they should make sustainably aware decisions.
  • 58 percent are looking to buy sustainable products for their use.
  • 55 percent of consumers believe that plastic is bad for their health.
  • A global study shows that 54 percent consider using sustainable solutions when buying.

These facts show how sustainable products impact your consumer’s decisions. This way, your e-commerce packages need to follow the best sustainability practices to ensure more sales. Consumers are increasingly interested in sustainable product packaging, so keep that in mind and pack accordingly.

Easy To Use Products

One of the top e-commerce packaging trends is the ease your consumers can open your products. The thing is that your experience needs to be special for your consumers, which you must always keep in mind. So, the better you take care of your consumers, the more they will be interested in buying.

So, your e-commerce products must have the ability to be carried, easily open, and resealed. That is why one of the most important e-commerce packaging ideas is to use sustainable and easy-to-open packaging.

Make eCommerce Cost-Effective

E-commerce packaging also needs to be cost-effective and help improve your results. So, using the right methods ensures its cost-effectiveness. That is why you should:

  • Use corrugated boxes and use dividers for your packaging.
  • Also, you can try stuffing materials.
  • Moreover, using automation can help improve your results and help improve your packaging.

Let Your Ecommerce Journey Be Easy

Your online business needs reliable e-commerce packaging solutions, so we offer the right services you need. Furthermore, we ensure you get the best packaging products for your online business. So, this article was to tell you what does e commerce packaging mean.

Also, you can read about top practices for e-commerce trade. At the same time, we gave you information about cost-effectiveness, shapes, graphics, and other features to keep in mind.

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