What Are FDA Labeling Requirements For Cosmetics

Posted January 3, 2023 Labeling Requirements For Cosmetics

Are you a cosmetics business in the United States and want to know if your labeling is according to the FDA? You cannot go against any FDA laws when you label your US boxes. So, we have some rules and regulations you should know when you manufacture cosmetic boxes or sell them.

So, this USA cosmetics labeling guide can help any manufacturer or packaging services provider in the country. We have covered some essential laws any such company should know before creating or packaging their products.

What are FDA Cosmetic Labeling Requirements

Before understanding the FDA laws, we must understand what cosmetics are for the institution. So, a product that you may apply to your body for beautifying, improving attractiveness, cleansing, or changing the body’s functions or structure is cosmetics.

You may also consider a product a drug if it effectively prevents or treats a disease. Such products should follow both cosmetics and drug laws. If the product harms the human body, it is an adulterated cosmetic.

Cosmetics Labeling Requirements in The United States

When publishing labels on a product, you should print them out and put them inside the product packaging. Your packaging must contain your product’s name, and you should also mention its measurement in weight. Also, your firm’s name and address should be mentioned at the bottom.

Every product that consumers can directly use must contain ingredients. On the other hand, if the product is for professional use, the product may not have any ingredients. Moreover, your product labeling should contain active ingredients if it falls in the drug category.

At the same time, all this information must be in English to communicate with your customers well. Ensure you mention any harmful ingredients or components that may cause any issues.

FDA Cosmetic Labeling Requirements And Tamper-Resistance

Tamper-resistant packaging shows that the product may be tampered with or used if a specific part of the packaging is missing. Make sure you use such packaging for any oral hygiene or vaginal products. Your packaging falls in this category if it resists the entry of any outside factor.

Ensure that such products contain a clear statement showing that they carry this feature. FDA ensures that your product is packed according to their laws without adulteration. They also have the right to stop or act against adulterated products to prevent them from entering the country.

At the same time, they can take criminal action against a person trying to bring such products into the country.

When is a Label Misleading?

Make sure you do not make your cosmetic product packaging misleading. Any packaging that does not contain any material fact or is deceptive. You can define a product as a cosmetic when mentioned on its label.

The containers written, printed, or graphical display can be considered a label. Also, it can be any information that appears on the container. Make sure that your package information is also displayed on the container.

Labels, risers, display packs, and leaflets may be considered labels. Your label may have more than one panel. These panels can be front and side. Also, you can have a back panel and side panels known as information panels. At the same time, your back panel may also be considered the information panel.

A panel on the packaging carries a principal display panel if you display the product when selling or in the display. This panel should be large enough to carry all the information. You should print the same information on each principal display panel if they are more than one.

Your outside container should carry these pieces of information on it:

  • Principal Display Panel
  • Name of the product
  • Directions for safe use
  • Warnings
  • Identity Directions for Safe Use
  • Warnings
  • Information Panels
  • Business name and location
  • Ingredients
  • § 740.10 warning
  • Net quantity of contents
  • You may also mention any required information

You can have a principal display panel only on the outer container.

Some More Cosmetic Labeling Requirements

Make sure that you display the following information on the inner container of the package:

  • It would be best if you displayed directions for the product’s safe use
  • Mention any warnings that may apply
  • Also, your inner container should have your product’s name.
  • Mention your business name and business place
  • Always mention your content’s quantity
  • Make sure you also display any other required information on this packaging.

We Comply With These Laws

This USA cosmetics labeling guide can change how you work for packaging in the cosmetics industry. So, you are ready to print your cosmetic boxes to make your promotion super-stupendous? The Packaging Hub ensures you get services that comply with US laws. Let us serve you by bringing the most impressive packaging and labeling that goes with the laws.

We ensure your packaging is super perfect and follows all the laws in cosmetics box packaging
needs to comply with.

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