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Posted July 7, 2023 Aqueous Coating Printing

Are you into making things perfect with the impressive effects you add to your product packaging boxes? You need to have the information that can make a boost come true. So, what is an aqueous coating, why use it, why it matters, and much more in this blog. We will give you all the information you need about different features, the benefits of these effects, how to use them, and more. Plus, you can read about other add-ons you need to bring.

What Is Aqueous Coating?

The aqueous coating will work amazingly if you want something that looks high-end and intends to use it for your packaging. It offers you the following features you will love:

  • It is a water-based varnish for your printing jobs
  • You can get a fast drying process with this one
  • Also, you do not have to worry about fingerprints on your packaging when you use this one.
  • Using this one can make your packaging more unique and worth it.
  • It is among the best types to look fantastic and avoid bruises on your products.
  • At the same time, it is eco-friendly, which you would love.

These features make this effect unique; you can use it for food, consumer products, and daily life goods. Moreover, this one lets you get unique designs so we will discuss some types.

Types And Benefits Of Aqueous Coating?

You can find a list of features that make this coating type stand out. So, we will discuss them to determine which will go for your job. These benefits work for your aqueous coating printing, so you should know them.

Gloss Coating

Gloss coating is the type that makes your good’s packaging reflect light off it. This way, you can make them look shiny, and the reason behind this effect will be the smoothness of the surface of your product and impact. If your product has some irregularities, you can get better results.

But if there are too many irregularities, the surface will become dull. So you can make the look light and soft with this type.

Dry Erase Coating

This one allows you to write and erase on surfaces. Drying these is difficult, and it works amazingly well for rub resistance. So you can use it easily and make your product look high-end. At the same time, this kind of surface will allow you ease of print.

Matte Coating

This type has its benefits, and you can make things perfect for sticking multiple materials. So, it works with foils, papers, and films, which can be helpful. In addition, you can get rid of any issues with chemical-based eroders. Also, you can use it with contemporary printing methods, like offset and flexographic methods.

Also, you can get low gloss, ensuring incredible clarity for your packaging. You can rely on how adhesive and strongly built your add-on will be and the resistance factor it offers. It works well to provide receptivity for ink, and you can apply it more effectively.

Satin Type Of Coating

Satin works well regarding protection against common factors like fingerprints and other issues. You can make your product stand out, and you do not have to spend a lot on it. You can rely on it when you need something glossy yet decent with good print smoothness.

One big difference from other add-ons is that you get results between matte and gloss coatings.

Soft Touch Aqueous Coating

It is among the best when it comes to making things more premium-looking. Also, you can make your packaging feel softer and offer unique properties. When you touch these, you can get a soft feel that you can consider velvety. At the same time, it works when you want it to adhere to your packaging surface.

You can apply it with a liquid inline for an impressive, luxurious feel. Cosmetic packaging is among the most common product types for these.

Some Other Similar Types of Add-Ons

Now, we also have some other add-ons you can try to make your work easier and enhance the beauty of your packaging.

Laminate Coatings

To understand laminate coatings, you can say it is a plastic film you apply to your product. Using it for both sides of a product is a common practice. This add-on allows your goods to get protection and durability, and it also gets sturdy.

Ultra-Violate Coating Or UV

This coating makes things look impressive, and you can add a specific part to your packaging. You apply it in liquid form and treat it with ultraviolet rays that add to your product’s surface. It works perfectly well against bruises, scratches, and similar issues.

Silk Lamination

This lamination type offers you strength with better aesthetical appeal. You can get better quality with it and also softness in your exterior. A good feature of this one is a balance between the shine and matt effects of your packaging. This way, you may get a more natural look to make things more balanced.

Some other things you get with it:

  • You can make your product more resistant to stains, smudges, and bruises.
  • This add-on would make your packaging smoother with a better tactile feeling.
  • It works for hang tags, postcards, invitations, and many more.
  • Using this add-on goes for multiple products, and you can try them to ensure your product looks special.

They give you the ability to make your product identification easier and better.

Gloss Lamination

Also, you can find gloss lamination that allows your surfaces to look more vibrant and improves the look of your print’s color. Then, matte laminates make things look more sophisticated, and you can get a more decent look. At the same time, it would ensure you get a natural look to allow you to read tests easily.

Using gloss lamination works best when you want a more elegant and mysterious look. Also, you get a lot of vibrancy with this one. You can use it to ensure you do not worry about avoiding dust or dirt on your product. Also, you can make things selective to highlight certain packaging areas.

Packaging Hub Makes Your Printing Perfect

So, are you ready to add these effects to your packaging that make your work unique? Using these coatings makes your product packaging even more special. Your products improve when you make them look amazing, so order now.

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