How to Select the Best Custom Boxes Company

Posted June 25, 2022 Select Best Custom Boxes Company

Custom boxes are an excellent choice for almost any kind of business and are ideal if you want your products to stand out from the crowd.

But how should you choose the best custom packaging boxes company? There are many companies to choose from, so let’s closely examine the main factors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Custom Packaging Company

Here are some top considerations to remember when choosing a custom-printed box company.

Company Reputation

If you want to create custom packaging for your products, one of the most important things to do is choose a company with a good reputation.

But how do you know this? Online reviews are a great starting point. You can easily read up about other customers’ experiences and see how the experience was for them.

You can then research companies that look like they may be a good fit and find out who works there and how much experience they have.

Product Quality

You want to choose a company that creates excellent custom packaging that will reflect well on your company. This is your brand, and you want your product packaging to make the best impression, whether for retail packaging, gift boxes, or something else.

They should help you and guide you through choosing the best material for your packaging based on factors like your branding, products, and customers. Some measurements are effective and essential to ensure your packaging is safe against any factors.

Quality measures they should fulfill:

  • There should not be any chance of leakage, and the product should get protection against light and moisture.
  • Your boxes should be strong enough to support your product’s shipping process.
  • Make sure that your packaging material does not interact with the products.
  • Try to make the packaging that quickly identifies the products and brand.
  • Your product should be safe against all environmental factors like oxygen and pathogens.

Production Time

You will be desperate to get your hands on your custom boxes as soon as possible, so find out how long it will take for the custom product packaging company to complete your order.

You don’t want to choose a company for being fast because quality is the main factor. But it certainly helps if you don’t have to wait too long.

Extra Costs

A company may provide a very affordable product but charge extra costs like die and plate charges. They may also have high shipping costs. Watch out for additional fees because they can add up considerably. You should also find out if there are discounts for bulk orders, which can save you a lot of money.

Free services like free graphic designing for your boxes and no extra fees for the least amount of packaging production numbers are two famous. You should try to get their services if they provide you with good benefits and do not ask for something extra for these services.

Minimum Orders

If you don’t want to make bulk orders, find out about the minimum order. Some companies can offer far smaller minimum orders than others.

This is an excellent option if you only have to order 100. It also allows you to test out the company and determine whether you are happy with the final product before making another larger order.

Type of Printing Used

There are different types of printing for custom-printed packaging, and digital printing and offset printing are the most common. They both have advantages, but offset printing is usually the best choice.

This produces higher-quality results with richer colors and details that stand out more. It is essential for luxury products and gifts and cheaper with larger print runs.

Choose Digital Printing When:

You can use digital printing for a quicker and shorter turnaround time for your packaging.
It would work amazingly well if you want a smaller order. On the other hand, it is lower in cost compared to offset when you want smaller jobs.

When to Choose Offset Printing:

  • You can use them if you need excellent image quality from your printing.
  • Trying this type will be perfect for cost-effectiveness if you want more quantity and reduced cost per unit.
  • It would work best for multiple surfaces and gives you a more comprehensive range of materials. For instance, it would work for cloth, paper, plastic, and even metal.

You can choose offset printing if you need these benefits directly, so try it out then. It depends on the type of printing you want and the benefits you are most interested in. So, use the kind that meets your needs most closely and effectively.

Sustainable Packaging

You may choose a more eco-friendly packaging option for your products if this is important for your company and customers.

Try to find a packaging company that offers environmentally friendly options. If it is essential to communicate your brand’s eco-friendly qualities, Kraft boxes are a great option.

Top Options Available:

  • Plant-based packaging made from starch material and water.
  • Recycled packaging
  • Glassine
  • Mushroom packaging
  • Corn starch based
  • Compostable
  • Corrugated packaging
  • Cellulose-based packaging materials

Ease of Ordering

Do they make it easy to order quality packaging? Ideally, you should be able to start the process online by simply sending in the details of your order and getting any questions answered, and they will take it from there.

If the process is too complicated, it can take too long. So, choose a company that makes it easy if you want the ideal packaging solution for your business. At the same time, try to look for the company’s social media accounts on different platforms.

You should be able to reach the company on these channels before, during, and after the order:

  • They should have dedicated customer support on their website.
  • You can also opt for a company that provides chat support.
  • The best type of customer support will be toll-free, which uses real people who answer your questions on the call.
  • A customer support representative on email support can also be handy if the person responds actively.

Graphical Designs Range

Your graphical design range can significantly impact your product’s appearance on the shelf. There are always new trends and designs that your products would look exceptional with. So, you can try out these:

  • Using groovy typefaces is an excellent option if you can add a funky style to your product packaging.
  • Using patterns would work perfectly to add a unique feel to your print.
  • Try using contrasting colors to make a supreme impression on your customers.
  • Using simple designs to stand out can make your packaging unique, so try that out.
  • If you want your words to look super special, use the correct text that takes you to the center of the product packaging stage.

Range of Box Styles

Find out about the range of styles the company provides. Some may have a limited set of techniques that they then customize. You want to choose a company that offers custom sizes, different box specifications, and a range of styles like mailer boxes, shipping boxes, gift boxes, and more.

Some companies can provide far more styles as their starting point and will be able to create unique boxes for the specific product you want to send, no matter how large, small, or oddly shaped it is.


These factors are the most important considerations when choosing a custom boxes company.

Things To Know When Choosing a Custom Printing Company

Company Reputation The Reputation Of The Company You Choose Is The Essential Thing You Should Remember, So Make Sure That The Company Has Good Online Reviews On Its Social Media Channels.
Product Quality Your Product Should Have All The Protection Your Packaging Should Provide From All Environmental Factors.
Production Time The Production Time Of Your Products Should Not Be Too Long, So Make Sure You Get Them As Quickly As Possible.
Extra Costs The Services You Get Should Not Have Any Extra Costs Like Design Costs Or Least Production Costs.
Minimum Orders There Should Not Be Any Restrictions For Least Production Order Quantity You Must Follow.
Type Of Printing Used Your Company Should Always Offer All Types Of Printing You Want Your Packaging To Carry.
Sustainable Packaging Make Sure Your Company Uses The Most Sustainable Ways To Produce Your Packaging.
Graphical Designs Range Try To Look For A Provider That Is Fully Equipped With Design Information And Is Up To Date To Provide Perfectly Trendy Designs.
Ease Of Ordering Your Company Should Be Responsive When Providing The Services And Should Respond To Your Queries During And Before The Process.
Range Of Box Styles Box Styles Are Something You Need Creativity In, So Only The Best Companies Would Be Able To Provide That, So Go For That One.

You want your custom box to be the best it can be and to wow your customers. So, choose a company that will create packaging that stands out and provides an excellent experience for your customers.

The company you choose to design and print your boxes will play a massive role in the overall experience for you and your customers, so make sure you choose one that provides high-quality custom packaging solutions.

The final point is to avoid rushing your decision. You want to get this right and make the right decision initially. So take your time; you could build an excellent ongoing relationship with a packaging company to enjoy a great experience over the years.

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