20+ Types of Boxes Used in Packaging Industry

Posted February 17, 2023 Box Types in Packaging Industry

The packaging industry has endless possibilities that allow manufacturers and users to experiment. But do you know the names of boxes you can find in a particular sector or with certain materials? This article will give you all the box types you need to know to choose for your industry.

So, we will talk about boxes according to sectors, materials, and industries. Also, you can get details about some of the top of these box types.

Boxes Types by Materials

When it comes to packaging materials, there is an extensive list of available ones. So, you can choose whatever you need for your packaging.

Here are some of the top to try out:

  • Foam
  • Stretch Film
  • Bundling Film
  • Plastic Bags
  • Bux Board
  • Paperboard Boxes
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Cardstock
  • Kraft Paper
  • Corrugated Fiberboard
  • Polythene
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Shrink Film
  • Printed Shrink Film

These materials work for their features, so we have some details about some of the top.

Kraft Paper Features

Kraft boxes and paper are excellent materials for transit due to their strength. Also, it carries a lot of breathability with a good performance as food packaging. There is a massive range of features you can benefit from regarding their food packaging abilities.

There are further types of them that can help you with their features, like:

  • Smooth kraft boxes
  • Full wood pulp boxes

You can color these boxes into other shades, making them look even more impressive. Also, you can use them with lamination, dyeing and embossing, and many other add-ons. Also, you can find brown and white boxes made of this material. At the same time, your eco-friendly customers will be interested in buying as they offer that.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are another choice that provides amazing features many products need. So, here are some benefits they provide for several industries:

  • This material is one that you can recycle to ensure nothing goes wasted.
  • They are famous for their biodegradability, making things easy for recycling and beyond.
  • Also, you can use it for great typography that you can experiment with for such boxes.
  • They have a fantastic ability to carry special add-ons that work as embellishments and
  • decorations for several products. So, their ability to promote products packed inside is fantastic.
  • Their property of being lightweight helps improve results for many industries.
  • Boxes with this material are made in layers of pulp.
  • Cardboard boxes have an amazing versatility that works for many possibilities. You can use this material for better wrapping; it caters to sizes and works well for CBD products.

Corrugated Material

Corrugated material is a perfect one you can find for packaging, and it has some features not many other materials can offer, like:

  • It is an excellent material when it comes to eco-friendliness.
  • Corrugated material comes from renewable sources like pine trees, which provide continuity.
  • You can create this material without spending a lot of energy, making them a better choice than many others.

Aluminum Foil And Food Packaging

We all know that aluminum is a great material for food packaging, but how does it beat other materials? Well, here is how:

  • You can protect food from contamination and other factors.
  • This material gives you the ability to protect your products during transit.
  • Aluminum material is famous for being lightweight and biodegradable. Also, you can recycle and reuse them easily.
  • It provides customization that allows branding and brand awareness for companies.
  • You can use it with customizations, and they also are sustainable.

So, these are the types of packaging you can find in the material range. Next, you can read about box types according to industries.

Boxes By Industry

There are two primary industries you can find in the boxes world. These are retail packaging and eCommerce packaging. So, we have information about both types of packaging boxes for you:

Retail Packaging

Retail packaging is a category of boxes that companies and brands use during retailing. So, they carry products that are sold from a retail outlet. There are some famous types of these boxes, like:

Folding Cartons:

Cartons work as the outer part of your packaging. So, they work for multiple products and industries, like food. So, they are among the different box styles in this sector that may help you with packaging and moving your products.

Flexible Packaging:

Flexible packaging is another type of packaging that works super well for foods. So, it is a great packaging type for flexible packaging. Their shape is changeable during any packaging, so you can use them for this feature they carry.

Ecommerce Packaging

E-commerce packaging has its ways of making things better and more impressive. So, here are some types that would work well for your e-commerce needs:

  • Foil-sealed bags
  • Cotton packaging
  • One-piece fold
  • Cartons
  • Regular-slotted corrugated boxes
  • Bubble mailers
  • Self-locking window cut
  • Top lid boxes
  • Boxes with double walls
  • Auto-locking bottom
  • Rigid boxes
  • Roll end tuck top corrugated

So, all these boxes have special features, and some surpass what they offer. We will discuss some of the best of them that you can use for e-commerce jobs:

Rigid Boxes

Using rigid boxes can make your e-commerce packaging more personalized and high-end. So, you can use it to make your products look unique and impressive. Here are some features that they should carry and things they should avoid:

  • Make sure it does not have creases on the outer side to make it look beautiful.
  • It is durable and offers excellent protection from environmental factors.
  • Moreover, such boxes would make your products look luxurious when you design and print them right.
  • They offer a premium look that your customers would be interested in when receiving your products.

So, these features can make rigid boxes an excellent choice for e-commerce packaging.

Lid Boxes

Lid boxes may look old school, but they have some amazing features you can rely on. For instance, they offer:

  • Lid boxes have great strength.
  • Also, they offer durability with eco-friendly material composition.
  • They are easy to open, and there is nothing too complex about them.

Packages By Sectors

There is a massive list of sectors regarding box designs and types. So, here are some box types according to industries:

  • CBD
  • Food packaging
  • Bakery
  • Gift Packaging
  • Cosmetics
  • Soaps
  • Display boxes
  • Clothing boxes

We will also discuss some tips that can effectively provide your desired solutions.

Cosmetics Boxes

Cosmetics boxes need to carry some special features that make them different. So, here are some features cosmetics boxes need to offer:

  • Such boxes may bring patterns and must have vivid colors.
  • These boxes must provide excellent protection from water to ensure your cosmetics products stay safe inside.
  • Such products can take extra strength when you use card stock for them.
  • They should have a great look to appear high-end and excellent.
  • Using different add-ons is a great way to make them look unique.

Food Packaging

Food packaging has so many other denominations you can find. So, here is what food boxes must carry:

  • They should have the ability to avoid contamination during transportation and display.
  • Their ability to preserve your food products is essential.
  • Such boxes allow you convenience, making things easy. But, at the same time, they should indicate any tampering with the product.

These box types can help you with packaging box style selection. So, these box styles make things easy for retailers and vendors in multiple niches.

Let Us Pack Your Boxes

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