7 Candle Packaging Ideas Your Customers And Vendors Will Love

Posted January 9, 2023 6 Candle Packaging Ideas

So, are you ready to give your loved one something special they will love? Or do you want to strengthen your business as a vendor or to your customers? You need some creativity to add something special to your candle boxes.

That is why you must learn new ways to decorate these boxes; the more beautiful you add, the better your products look. You do not have to reinvent the wheel, but you need to add some flare that people will choose.

Retro Candle Boxes

Now, you know what retro is and why it offers a special feel. The thing is, your customers and vendors will definitely love to remember things from the past and recent past. At the same time, your boxes make that nostalgic feel people may love to the core.

retro candle boxes

So, you can try out the designs that may look simple, but their real flare is their retro feel. For example, you can try wooden boxes or Kraft boxes with brown color. Also, you can try lid boxes to ensure a feeling they will love.

Romantic Candle Boxes

Everybody loves the romantic part of life, so your boxes must go with their feelings. When you add romance to your candle boxes, you make things more favorable for romantic intimations. The question comes to mind: What makes your candle boxes more romantic?

The answer is simple; add-ons like gold and silver foils and great colors make them that. Also, you can try floral designs or more elegant colors for them.

romantic candle boxes

Some colors to try:

  • We all know red is a great one that makes that romantic vibe extra special.
  • Also, using pink can definitely be a perfect candle box color choice.
  • Try the purple or violet color for your candle boxes to make them aesthetically and romantically appealing.

Fun Or Sarcastic Candle Designs

When you want fun for your boxes, there is no big deal in adding something there. You may say no, but people would love it even if you invented a new box shape. Or use a box shape that goes out of the norms with some special creativity.

But the question is, what shapes to include? No worries; you can make things hexagonal, tetragonal, or watch box-like shapes. People can open the box and see your candle sitting in an insert. So, things depend on how much you want to invest in that.

Another option is to make things sarcastic, which may work for personalized boxes. The better you personalize it, the more impressive it will be for the person it is sarcastic for. On the other hand, making them sarcastic in general or for a demographic or psychographic group would pay off too.

You can apply the same idea on holiday, like adding something sarcastic about Santa or a friend of Santa. Just make it creative, and stand out.

Luxury Candle Packaging Ideas

Custom boxes may be high-end, but they are the way to go nowadays. So, what parts make your packaging special when you add a luxury feel to them? The thing is, you can have custom labels too. So, that may not be breaking news, but how custom do you want to make it?

You can add as much detail as possible with taglines, information, killer copy, and elements like logos. Add-ons can also be a real additional reason to get high-end results. So, try out windows for your boxes and show them off from your shelf to allure customers into buying.

luxury candle boxes

One more type you need to try is themes for some special occasion. So, these can be holiday themes or some event themes. The sky’s the limit when you want things to be thematic. So, try out anything you think your boxes can carry, from weddings to birthdays and anything in between. Elegance is also an element that makes your boxes look high-end and amazing.

You can try out 2-piece boxes that ideally make things look luxurious in class and elegant to perfection. At the same time, you can add scents that perfect your luxurious feel.

Unique Candle Packaging Decorated Boxes

Decoration on candle boxes can mean a million things, but you can have a lot when discussing add-ons in the decoration portion. And this lot can be all useful, like ribbons, bows, and add-ons like embossing or debossing. So, try out all of them and develop long-lasting decorative designs.

On the other hand, decoration gets better when you add that hand-drawn or handmade feel. So, you can try adding this feel to your designs and boxes. For example, these designs can work for:

  • They work for gift boxes
  • You can use these designs for subscription boxes for your candles

The contrast of different colors also makes things easy for your candle attraction. Another design idea you can try is to add color contrast to your packaging, so try that out too. So, you can get unique candle packaging that boosts your candles.

Candle Packaging Ideas For Shipping

So, candle shipping must always be part of your packaging system. You must ship candles at any point in your sales, so your boxes should be strong enough. Some candle box types you can try are:

  • Crash lock boxes work super fine for shipping purposes.
  • Also, you can try corrugated boxes that would work perfectly fine to ship your candles across your states or globally.
  • Try out cardboard boxes that work for the strength you need for your candles. It would be great to try out the ones you can use for candle shipments.

These creative candle packaging ideas can greatly boost your amazing products.

Homemade Candle Packaging Ideas

Homemade and handmade boxes can be simple, and they can still be high-end. You can definitely try wood when it comes to material for such special ones. Your ribbons can help you add some special feel to the overall look, so try them out. Also, you can have unique designs made of wood that can be crafted too.

Ensure your candles get the right strength for your boxes, as this feature means a lot if you are not using wood.

Final Thoughts

Now, these were some top candle packaging ideas for different needs. Try using these candle boxes with add-ons, windows, and more. Plus, you can find romantic boxes, holiday-themed boxes, fun, unique shapes, and much more. Also, you can read about top candle packaging ideas for shipping.

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