19+ Creative Holiday Packaging Ideas For Your Business

Posted July 12, 2023 Holiday Packaging Ideas

So, your business is all about people, and you want them to be happy with your packaging’s manufacturing or looks? Your packaging needs a perfect design when you want to sell more to them. The same works for your clients so they keep raising their standards. So, now is the time to grow your standards and use the best methods to achieve them.

What is Holiday Packaging?

Holiday packaging consists of boxes planned and designed for their use for products during the holiday. They should carry specific colors, patterns, typography, and other design elements that can help improve the festive feel of your boxes. You can also add textures, scents, and sounds to enhance the sensory elements part of these.

Why Holiday Packaging Matters?

It ensures that your packaging stands out at all times. If you want to grab customers’ attention, such packaging works magic during festive times. At the same time, your brand improves its image and presents a feeling of being upgraded and updated.

When did companies start making holiday packaging?

Custom holiday boxes were developed in medieval Europe when gifts were wrapped in cloth or decorated with ribbons. During the Victorian era in the 19th century, elaborate methods were used for gift boxes. The commercialization of these boxes happened during the 20th century with the rise of department stores, leading to wider availability.

Then, in the post-world-war era, the number of such boxes increased, leading to more and more production of such boxes.

This blog will give you unique designs for your holiday boxes with the best packaging color, overall design looks, and different elements. We will try to provide the best methods to achieve them through our blog. These designs can transform your designs to perfection. So, let’s start!

What Is Trending?

Now, before diving deep into the topic, you need to know what is working in the field and what your clients will expect:

Colors Make A Difference

Using the right colors and shades can make or break Christmas or Halloween for anyone. So, it’s essential to remember the colors that work for your box designs. So, what colors work for Christmas?

Here is what to know:

  • You can try using Red and Green to make things look traditional. However, these colors come to mind whenever we think of this festival, so you need to keep these in mind.
  • Using elegant hues can perfect things, so try out gold or silver tints and make things perfect. This way, you can sell them at higher prices with a better look for almost every type of audience.
  • Trying frost blue and silver would work amazingly if you want things to look nice and modern for your clients or customers.
  • Also, try a white and silver combination to make things more impressive, with a great simplicity peeking out.
  • If you want to make things super lustrous, try those unique jewel color tones. Use deep red or similar hues that make a lasting mark.
  • Try using Nordic-inspired naturals from the region that has frost all the time (Scandinavia). These could make a rustic feel that would make a clear and impressive feeling.

Some More Color Options To Try

  • If you want things to be more creative aesthetically for a more imaginative audience, try Burgundy with Forest Green.
  • Also, the use of Pink and Gold would be excellent.
  • Using Rustic Earthly tones would clearly distinguish you from other providers. So give it a try.
  • You must also try glittery hues that make your boxes even more special. These colors are perfect for making things super cool without leaving the holiday out of your frame.

The Use Of Foil For Packaging

Foils can be a game changer for multiple brands due to their premium feel. You can improve things by adding holiday colors to make them pop. Such packaging allows you to add lights, improving the feel and look.

So, they are a great choice to make things look more festive with the amazing shine they create.

Try Some Retro Packaging Feels

Retro has been in the game for a while now and is crucial in improving things for specific audiences. Their use can capture audiences that it resonates. For instance, the use of the 1990s can help you capture millennials.

The biggest benefit of such packaging would be to make things look memorable and cherish people with the nostalgic feel they get.

Illustrations; Ideas For Holiday Packaging Design

Using particular elements allows you to perfect your holiday packaging to the fullest.

Illustration packaging

Here are some gift and holiday packaging ideas to try out:

  • You are trying out festive patterns that show your customers and clients a reason to buy from you. You can try out ornaments, stockings, and snowflakes on your packaging to execute this idea.
  • Using characters associated with Christmas can be an excellent method to attract your clients. The same goes for Halloween designs.
  • The use of landscapes can make your designs look fabulous. You can also add doodle art that shows the festivity of the event for your clients and customers.

Tactile Textures

The tactile feeling can enhance the results by allowing a great feel for your sense of touch. You can also use it with raised patterns that you call embossing. At the same time, you can utilize 3D beauties to make things more tactile-friendly.

The Themes Matter For Holidays

  • Try using festive foods and drinks in your designs to improve your sales results. The colors we mentioned would perfect your design beauty and add the style your clients need.
  • At the same time, trying out some special-looking imaginative characters that allow you fantastic beauty can be a great choice.
  • Use interactive methods to make your designs look great, like Scratch-off surprises, puzzles and games, pop-up scenes, and tear-off coupons.

Typography Ideas

You can use your typography to make your designs perfect. The use of the following would solve your design need issues:

  • The use of playful hand lettering can improve the beauty of your design.
  • At the same time, you can try using bold and festive designs that carry a special feeling. It would make your font look extra unique and impressive with an apparent newness you see.
  • Try using ornamental fonts that carry ornaments with their letters. When designed well, these fonts will help your clients understand the design.
  • Use a rustic and vintage design for your typography to enhance the look of these designs.
  • Also, the use of modern minimalism can give a fantastic look.
  • Classic typography with script fonts can enhance the design’s beauty.
  • Using snowflakes as your text can make a perfect look for your boxes.
  • Try out handwritten scripts to add more beauty to your boxes.

Typography packaging

How to Try Minimalism In Typography?

Using minimalist designs for your holiday packaging boxes is the new norm. There is a host of design ideas that can carry such fonts, and you need to try out these:

  • You can try clean layouts for your designs when you use minimalistic typefaces.
  • Try getting the best symmetrical options in all text elements and beyond. It would help you look perfect for the boxes you need to try out.
  • Using white or negative space would help improve your results for the minimalistic elements you want to add.
  • Use gradients to add depth to your text.

The New Era Of Hyper Contrasts

Using hyper contrasts in the packaging world can further improve things with the beauty they can offer. Here are some ideas for your inspiration:

  • You can try making dramatic color combinations, like deep, neon, and bright.
  • Black-and-white extremes can make things great, and shades of different colors with black can make things great.
  • Make glossy finishes with matte textures and reflective metallic elements.
  • Try our geometric shapes and even optical illusions.

Brutalist Design

This type of packaging would look great but also quite bold as they can offer a great feeling to your boxes. For instance, they would offer:

  • You can try them with natural wood, dried flowers, and twine.
  • Their use of modern luxury accents like metallic ones can make things great.
  • Also, minimalist messages should be added to these boxes.
  • Try using these designs with geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, and others.
  • On the other hand, they need to carry neutral colors in their colors. For instance, they would offer grays, browns, and blacks.

Modifying Their Logos

Your clients may not be creative enough to find out how to get a unique logo version out for holiday packaging. So, you can pitch them the idea of using a Christmas or Halloween version of their packaging logos. Use these:

  • Use backgrounds that make your logos look more festive.
  • Try out characters from the festive holidays that can make your logo unique.
  • Using an overlay that allows your logos to look different would be a great use of these.

Saturated Pastels

The use of pastels can also make things perfect, as people love them on their packaging. These colors allow a feeling of versatility by being eye-catching and trendy. At the same time, they would add sophistication and playfulness.

Here are some color options you would love to see on these boxes:

  • You can try using blush pink with coral hints
  • At the same time, the use of a touch of lavender with violet can be impressive
  • Try out mint green alongside seafoam
  • You can also try sky blue with turquoise
  • Make use of pale peach and salmon with it.

The experts believe adding 2 to 3 pastles can create a cohesive look. You can try using textures and patterns that add interest and depth. At the same time, you need to ensure the typography is clean and straightforward without any clutter. You can also add imagery that goes with your holiday.

What To Do With Icons?

The particular parts of your designs can be more remarkable when you try these things out:

  • You can try using snowflake transformation for their icon.
  • Also, you can try adding icons that go with the themes of your holidays.
  • At the same time, trying out the colors we mentioned or new ones that work will help you get it right.

Try these fantastic elements on your boxes to ensure your designs look super special.

Doodle Art May Work Well

Who does not love doodle art? We can make things perfect with the right colors and elements for the festival we want to work with. So, here are some elements that would make things look great:

  • Try using snowflakes, Santa hats, and reindeer on your packaging to make that festive look.
  • Also, you can try incorporating characters from your imagination to make the packaging look great.
  • At the same time, you can add hidden messages with gifts inside.
  • Further, you can personalize things with jokes and other amazing things.
  • The simplicity and cleanliness in the doodles you add can further enhance the look and feel.

Interactive Packaging Ideas for Holidays

Now, the interactiveness of your packaging can pivot things for large audiences in many cases. So, playful puzzles, advent calendars, and interactive story packaging can play a great role. At the same time, you can try QR codes to personalize your brand’s messages to your customers.

Also, you can try textured surprises like using snowflakes cut out of the box, which can make things pivot. At the same time, you can capture things with scents that would help your customers with different scents. Such scents can help by creating a festive feeling according to the holiday you are packing for.

For instance, according to your festival and audience, you can try the gingerbread smell for Christmas and others.

Use These Stunning Finishes For Creative Holiday Packaging

Using impressive finishes for your boxes can be an absolute delight for your clients and customers. You are so; adding that unique flare of festive beauty can help you catch the hype your brand lovers would have.

Try out these finishes to perfect things:

  • The use of glow-in-the-dark finishes can be a creative idea to try.
  • Also, you can try using scratch-off coatings to perfect the interactive beauty of your finishes and boxes.
  • At the same time, you can use thermochromic ink to make your packages change color on temperature.
  • Using perfumed coatings would make your boxes feel amazing, so try them out, too.
  • Use laser cutting to improve the designs you make on your boxes.
  • Metallic inks can make use of specific colors that would suit many holidays.

Capture Different Cultures

Now, capturing different aspects of certain cultures in the United States can help you sell more. You may include certain cultures that would improve the relevance of your packaging. For instance:

  • You can also try other festival-specific feelings for the audience that fit your needs. For instance, you can try similar elements for your Kwanzaa according to your audience.
  • Video game themes and comic book themes would also capture certain audiences.
  • At the same time, you can incorporate pop culture into your packaging. Cosplay competitions,
  • Esports and fan club memberships can make things better.

Some Stylish Finishes To Improve Things

  • Adding 3D effects can be a game changer for your clients’ sales, so try them out.
  • Using glitters for your designs can be a real help you would benefit from.
  • Try adding specialty papers to improve the touch the end-users would love to have.
  • You may not have heard of this one, but using scented ones can enhance the beauty they carry.


Why is holiday packaging important for brands?

Such packaging improves brand sales by grabbing customers’ attention and standing out among generic ones. At the same time, this kind of packaging is more memorable and has a better perceived value. Also, your brand becomes more easily identifiable for your customers.

How can I measure the impact of my holiday boxes on sales?

Some metrics can improve your understanding of holiday packaging, like sales data analysis. You can also learn from the customer feedback that you collect. The use of website and marketing data would also help you improve while testing your packaging would also help.

How can I get better designs for my holiday packaging?

There are some golden rules to putting together the best designs, like knowing who you are selling to and understanding the festive spirit. At the same time, you need to maintain your brand consistency in the process. You also need to explore unique materials and finishes to improve things.

When should a brand start planning its holiday packaging?

You can not delay things when you have to fulfill a requirement of a certain number of boxes. A good breakdown for a brand would be starting it 3 to 4 months before. Then, you can place your order 2 to 3 months before for production and potential delays.

Can a brand personalize holiday packaging?

Yes, you can try using handwritten notes and seasonal greetings on your packaging, which can be a great way to personalize.

Your Custom Holiday Packaging Needs Professionals

So, are you ready to stun your customers and clients with the most creative ideas they would love? Your packaging ideas get better when you have professionals like Packaging Hub on your side. So, all you have to do is use providers’ services that can make a big difference for you. Get our services, and you can make it go big!!

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