16 Cookie Packaging Ideas For Your Boxes

Posted May 27, 2024 Cookies Packaging Ideas

Are you looking to improve your cookie packaging ideas and ensure you get the best product results? This blog is going to help you learn about the top ideas when it comes to cookie packaging.

16 Cookie Box Packaging Ideas

We will cover about 16 different ideas that will completely change the look of your brand. You will get the best cookie packaging ideas. So, let’s start this!!

Mason Jar

When using mason jars, you can try an airtight seal that keeps the cookies fresh for longer. At the same time, you can try them for cookies that can easily soften. You can also try them for a beautiful presentation while showcasing delicious cookies to your customers. You can also have these in this form for reusable packaging.

This type would also make sure that you are getting versatility in them with customization.

Basic Box

You can also try using basic box types of packaging, which can help you with impressive results. The use of these elements in your boxes can be a great thing to have:

  • Simple cardboard boxes with pre-cut sizes can be great. You can have them in various colors that can also offer a great thickness.
  • At the same time, boxes with windows can also help you with impressive results.

The Use of Paper Cones For Cookie

Trying paper cons for cookies can be a great way to improve your brand, as they have impressive visual appeal. At the same time, they can give you a special feeling when tempting customers. You can also use them for portion control, making them easier to eat. Try making them eco-friendly by making them compostable and recyclable.

Offer Gift In Printable Pouch

Make sure that you get the best ideas for your cookies. You can use them with the following pros:

  • You can get these cookie packaging with customization and personalized messages.
  • At the same time, you can have them cost-effectively and decorate boxes and bags.
  • Also, you can have do-it-yourself boxes that would improve the look of your boxes.
  • You can also use it to save space, which offers great results when it comes to storage and transportation.
  • Its use can also help you with various sizes for different types of boxes.

Try Clear Cellophane

The use of this kind of packaging allows you to be completely transparent and show your beautiful cookies to your customers. You can try them with frosting details, unique designs, and colorful ingredients. These boxes come in various sizes and thicknesses according to your needs. Also, these boxes are affordable and offer a moisture barrier.

You can use them with a better presentation that offers bakers twine, ribbons, and stickers.

Try Gift In Foil Pan

The use of foil pans for cookie boxes can offer upcycled and budget-friendly looks. These boxes would also be durable and leakproof. You can add versatility to your boxes to help you choose the right sizes.

The Use Of Grease-Proof Pouch

Using this kind of packaging can help you achieve perfection in terms of resistance for your boxes. You can try them to provide a barrier against grease stains. These boxes would also offer great transparency and a great showcase for your cookies.

Try using materials like paper that you can combine with sealing and a presentation that offers decoration.

Handcrafted Envelopes For Boxes

A handcrafted envelope that makes your boxes look great can be a game changer for any customer you want to sell to. You can use these with a great concept and impressive benefits, like a gift-ready product. At the same time, you need to ensure that your products are secure by keeping your cookies fresh.

Your box sizes should also be large enough to adapt your cookies to your customers’ requirements.

Cookies In Printable Bags

Such boxes can help you with great messages alongside designs and logos. At the same time, you can have printable templates and DIY bags to find or create printable cookies. You can also try printing them on cardstock, making your boxes look great and impressive.

At the same time, you need to add a sealing mechanism to keep the cookies fresh. You must also ensure that you offer food-safe bags with the right flavors for the cookies.

Some Single Cookie Packaging Ideas

If you want to make things look impressive and exclusive, single-packaging boxes can also be a great use. You can try using boxes that carry only a single cookie, which would impressively make a great statement. For instance, you can try the following ones:

  • Paper envelopes, which you can fill with colorful tissue, can be a great use. You can also have paper with scrapbook patterns, stickers, or even ribbons.
  • Also, using mini treat cups with mini cupcake liners or small paper cups can be a great idea.
  • Try using cookies on a stick, which you can couple with cellophane bags that come with twist ties or decorative treat bags.
  • At the same time, you can add fresheners that would allow cookies to stay soft with a small amount of moisture.

These can be great choices as mini cookie packaging ideas.

The Use Of Repurposed Containers

This type of box is one that you can use for a second or multiple times to make your boxes more eco-friendly. At the same time, they are sustainable and come with their uniqueness, which you can double up with personalization. You can also use them for their cost-effectiveness. Tin cans or glass jars can be a great use.

At the same time, you can have plastic containers. Also, the use of plastic containers that offer products that come for yogurts or deli salads can be a great idea. The main focus of such boxes will be to offer boxes that are reused. There are some considerations you need to consider when it comes to the size and shape of these boxes. You need to ensure that you consider the product size and shape and get creative with the decoration.

Use Cookie Tins

Such boxes can further enhance the results you get with cookie tins, as they are very durable and resealable. You can reuse such boxes multiple times. Also, adding some great aesthetics like pastel colors and minimalism to these boxes would make your cookies stand out.

Try using themed tins that would make your boxes look great, with some labeling on which you can decorate the tins.

Try Using Wrapped Cookie Sleeve

Wrapped cookie sleeves can be a great idea for your packaging as well. You can use it with decorations that would make things look great, such as a logo or message. Its use can be for wrapping around your container that you can wrap around this container. At the same time, stickers, tape, and ribbons can make your boxes look great.

Also, you can try fabric wraps made from beautiful fabric or something like a bandana or a napkin. These can be an alternative to any traditional-looking wrap you would be looking to use. At the same time, the use of recycled materials made from sleeves can change things.

Try Using Jars For Your Cookies

Now, you can add elements of different sizes and shapes to your cookie packaging when it comes to jars. At the same time, you need to ensure that you use the right material, like glass, that can add a great feeling of sophistication. Also, you must add a great label to your jars to offer great brand information.

Try using seals and lids with professional-looking fillers, such as shredded paper and crinkle-cut tissue. Ribbons and tags can also make things look great. Layering, where you layer different-colored cookies in a jar, can be a great idea.

This way, you can combine cookie colors with different ones layered in a box, which can be a great idea.

Try Mailing Tubes

Mailing tubes can be a great idea for trying different colors of these boxes. You can decorate them with fabric, paper, or paint. At the same time, you can have a custom touch on them by using caps with plastic that you can use to avoid crushing. Also, the use of labels and other elements like stickers can help, where you can have logos and short messages that make that impressive look.

The use of cute illustrations would further enhance the look of your boxes, with delights of interiors that offer extra protection and presentation. Also, the use of parchment paper or waxed paper can further enhance the look. Another great thing to have would be to personalize your boxes, where you can add handwritten tags for your recipient’s name.

Elements For Mini Packaging Cookie Box Ideas

When it comes to this type, you can have options in which you can add clear ones that you would like to have. For instance, you can try small clear cups with resealable pouches, which are also helpful. These can also make sure that you have paper options, such as cardboard boxes, cupcakes, and paper bags.

The shapes and sizes of these boxes can also help; you can try rectangular, heart-shaped, and square ones. You can also try them for snack bags made of paper bags. Small stackable containers that work with a mini cookie tower are also used.


What are the pros and cons of different packaging materials for cookie packaging?

The pros of plastic include affordability, lightweight, and clarity. On the other hand, cardboard would allow customizability, eco-friendliness, and good insulation. At the same time, metal is available for durability and reusability. You can use these as eco-friendly cookie packaging ideas.

How can I use cookie packaging to promote my brand?

Ensure you offer the right type of branding with the right packaging colors. Make sure you get colors, logos, and fonts that always come with brand aesthetics in packaging and online promotions. Also, the logo, brand name, storytelling, and call to action should be similar.

What information should I include on my cookie packaging?

When it comes to packaging, you need to add multiple types of information, like legal information, branding information, contact information, and storage instructions. At the same time, you need to offer best-by-date and marketing claims.

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