Florida CBD Labeling Requirements

Posted January 6, 2023 Florida CBD Labeling Requirement

CBD is a controversial product for so many states in the United States, so it follows some laws you must remember. Florida is among the states that have regulations for this product’s labeling and packaging. In this article, you can read some critical rules you must follow for labeling and packaging requirements.

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What is CBD Labeling Laws For Florida?

Regarding CBD, Florida has a clear definition that tells about the product. So, a product is CBD if you have taken it from its plant. Also, it should not carry any controlled substances in it. Any product in the United States must carry hemp and CBD labeling if it is in this category.

Your product should carry labels outside the box and the container. So, the only CBD products they permit are from hemp, and these should be edible or drinkable. If you have an online setup, you should ensure the manufacturer is allowed to manufacture the product. So, here are some Florida hemp labeling requirements you need to keep in mind.

Your product should carry the word “Supplement” if it is for human use. When your products are in Florida, they should carry this statement “FDA has not evaluated the claims of the product.” So, the FDA disclaims any manufacturer’s statement about the product and its benefits.

Also, you should know exactly how to use these claims on your product.

Some Common Requirements

When you are labeling your products, ensure you have the following parts on them:

  • Identity statement
  • All the ingredients
  • Nutritional facts
  • Product weight and measurement
  • Manufacturer, distributor, and packer details

Also, include the serving size of it and any crucial vitamins it carries. This way, you influence your potential customer’s buying decisions, which you should always keep in mind. Also, you should mention any harm a product may cause its consumers.

What is a Statement of Identity?

In this part, you should offer the product’s name and description. For example, you can call your product hemp extract or describe it as a cannabinoid.

Weight and Measurement Laws

Ensure that your packaging tells about the number of cannabinoids per serving if it is a CBD or CBN product. This information must be displayed on the supplement facts or nutrition facts panel.

If you mention hemp, hemp extract, or hemp oil on your label, there is no need to mention the cannabinoid amount in your labeling.

Mention Your Details

Your details must be a part of your labeling, so you should mention it if you are a:

  • Distributor
  • Packer
  • Manufacturer

Ensure you include your address, contact information, and name on your label. Also, ensure that you add ingredients or sub-ingredients for your product.

Hemp Extracts

Your hemp oil extracts need to carry the following pieces of information:

  • Your label must have an expiration date for your product.
  • Add a batch number that should tell about your product. Also, you should mention your website, where customers can find information about your batch number.
  • Adding QR to your labeling should offer a Certificate of Analysis or the website portal. Your customers must be able to see the batch number.

When it comes to QR codes, they should carry your batch size, expiration date, certificate of analysis, batch date, number, and product name. It should have a Florida CBD QR, which you can use for information with a device.

Facts and Language of Florida Cannabis Packaging Regulations

Your fact panel must contain information about nutritional fats like calories, added sugar, etc. So, here, you make a clear statement for your customers and allow them to learn about your products.

Ensure that all of this information is in English. Adding information about any allergens is a must you must remember. Adding your product’s cannabinoid content amount is not a must. But this information can help your customers learn about your product well.

So, make your customers sure that you are honest with them at all times.

Some Common Laws

You need to comply with some common laws when selling CBD products. For instance, your hemp must come from less than 0.3 percent delta-9 THC in weight. In addition, ensure that hemp extract should use a third-party tester. Also, include a QR code and a label outside the container or its box.

Ensure your product allows the least sunlight and should never carry more than the maximum amount of THC. Ensure your product label has a clear QR barcode that gives your products’ lab results online.

Let Your Law Compliance Be Easy!

Packaging Hub is a provider that ensures that your products comply with Florida laws for CBD labeling. So, your products need a reliable source to make production and distribution easy. We provide you with the best CBD product label requirements compliance.

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