Glossy vs Matte Lamination – Types of Laminations For Packaging

Posted October 6, 2023 Matte vs Glossy

Companies’ promotional needs have become increasingly important, and ensuring you meet them is crucial. So, we have all the benefits you can get with gloss lamination. Also, you can learn what it feels like with the features and types you can find. So, this blog can help you choose between using this add-on or another one.

Read this one to get the right understanding of what will be the best add-ons for your packaging. Also, you can find the differences you must find out between gloss and matte lamination and when to use what. You can find similar effects that go hand in hand with laminations.

Why Do Laminates Matter?

Laminates make your boxes look impressive and have an essential place in packaging. So, here is what you need to know:

  • Laminates offer more strength to your boxes and can avoid any damage.
  • Also, it is perfect if you want to avoid damage from environmental factors.
  • Moreover, you do not have to worry about damage to your boxes which can cause a loss of packaging resources.
  • At the same time, it works well to avoid any loss of aroma for your food products.
  • Your lamination also enhances how good your colors look and can keep your products from getting infections.

List of Laminates For Packaging

  • One of the most common types of laminates is gloss.
  • Also, you can find matte in this category to help you get impressive results in the looks.
  • You can try using holographic laminates for your packaging. This effect also allows you to ensure no tampering with the product.
  • Also, you can use polyester laminates that perfect your packaging.
  • Then, you can find patterned holographic laminates that offer a wide range of versatile effects. So, you can add multiple patterns to your packaging with this effect, making things super customizable.
  • You can try metalized laminates as well.
  • Aluminum is an excellent choice if you want things to be recyclable, with a range to use for cosmetics, food items, and others. In addition, they are among the food grade you can use them for.

These laminates have multiple benefits you can reap for the results you want to create and get.

What is Matte Lamination?

matte laminationMatte is among the most famous types of lamination you can find. It offers you less shine off it and has an amazing softness. This makes a perfect touch feel, giving your customers a tactile feel. But, simultaneously, it would take away the depth of colors.

You can add sophistication to it and still make it feel super luxurious.

What is Gloss Lamination?

gloss laminationGloss lamination is among the common add-ons you use for printing. It is famous for giving a glittery feel to your packages with vibrant colors for your boxes. Common uses of this one include promotional needs, and you can try them for brochures, perfume, and other high-end product packaging.

This add-on offers a shiny look and would add to the beauty this way.

Gloss Laminate Features

When it comes to gloss lamination, you get the best durability with it. Also, you can get the following:

  • You can clean such a surface with ease.
  • It offers you shiny looks that can be beneficial for many products.
  • This add-on can help you get better visually interesting results.
  • At the same time, its ability to eliminate dirt and dust is fantastic.

So, these features give you multiple reasons to make sure you use this type.

When To Use Gloss Lamination?

So, you may need specific features, so when does gloss work for you? The thing is, you need to ensure your front goes where your needs flow. Here is when to try it:

  • You can use it when looking for something that keeps dust and dirt away from your packaging.
  • It offers a premium and impressive look, so use it where required.
  • Adding this one works better when you need something in bright colors and impressive looks.
  • This one also works for your logos.
  • Also, it works well when you need to avoid getting fingerprints on your packaging.
  • Avoid using it if your packaging will carry any writing.
  • Trying it for more professional results can help you as well.
  • Also, you can try it out when you need to keep your text on the package to be more visible.
  • It works fine with no issue with the glare it would create.
  • At the same time, you achieve the goals of saving money and improving your resource management with it.

These features make gloss lamination an excellent option for many packaging types.

Matte Lamination Features

This one works when looking for multiple other add-ons to your boxes. So, you can get this one with foiling and embossing, which offers excellent versatility. It provides a great look with a high-end feel for your audience. You can get a soft feel for you when you use matte.

When To Use Matte Lamination?

This add-on allows you specific results which you may be interested in. So, try it out when:

  • You may not like it when you want to avoid scratches on your packaging.
  • It works fine when you want to use it for writing something on it.
  • Also, you do not cause any glare to your customers when you use this one.
  • You can get an impressive, sophisticated look with this one.
  • On the other hand, you should eliminate its use when a product is handled a lot.
  • Using it for bright colors is not a great option, so use it when you want your packaging to appear less vibrant.

Lamination Films Types

You can also get films that allow you to get certain results besides lamination. So, you can have the following ones for the purpose:

  • You can use velvet lamination film for durability, appealing looks, and enabling the packaging to spot UV.
  • Try using linen films to improve your product’s durability and looks.
  • At the same time, gloss films improve your product’s durability.
  • Also, you can try scuff-free lamination that protects from scratches and is compatible with UV coating.
  • Try using silver films that help you with a printable surface and are suitable for spot coating and embossing.
  • Using digital lamination works for amazing optics and provides resistance against damage.

These add-ons can be impressive, and you can try the one that suits you best to get results.

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