Advantages of Spot UV Compared With Other Add-Ons

Posted March 6, 2023 Spot UV Printing

Are you into printing and know about Spot UV? Well, it is worth a try! So, when will it work best for your printing, and what types it has? You do not have to reinvent the wheel to make things look good with Spot UV. That is why it is an easy process that you can use for a host of printing and packaging types. So, what are these types you can use except spot UV?

All that, plus its types, how we do it, and its benefits, is in this blog! So, let’s dive right into it!

Types Of Spot UV

Now, there is a sea of options when it comes to add-ons for custom packaging, so which ones are worth it? Well, spot UV is one of them. Some top types you need to try out are:

  • Spot UV on matte varnish
  • Matte lamination and spot UV
  • Spot UV with a soft-touch matte finish
  • Matte finish and Spot UV
  • Blind spot UV

So, these are some add-ons we will compare.

Blind Spot UV Benefits

When it comes to Spot UV, one of their types is blind spot UV. So, here are some benefits you get with blind spot UV:

  • It is an ideal type of add-on for a darker background.
  • You can reduce the effects of a gloss with the help of blind spot UV.
  • This add-on allows you to look great for more than just logos.

Then, you can also try it to make your printing look amazing:

  • Again, it works for better readability.
  • You can use it for its eco-friendliness and the ability to give a wide range of materials.
  • Also, you can use it with excellent readability, still not causing any issues with the glossy feel.
  • It offers an excellent and eye catchy feel with more beauty.
  • It can help without having any smudges on your printing.
  • Spot UV gives you fantastic shine, allowing clarity in your images and text.
  • Using this add-on allows you to protect your surface from smudges, which can significantly help you.
  • It can offer glossy and reflective appearances according to your needs.
  • You can make your products more interesting with a better feel of touch. This way, you make your packaging look more high-end.
  • Also, it allows you to make your ink look more impressive.
  • Using Spot UV allows you protection against dirt and moisture.

So, these two types come up most commonly when it comes to what is spot UV printing.

Raised Varnish

So, if you want things to look even more unique, you can try raised varnish with it. You can try it to add texture to the text of your product, and it would work for anything you want. So, it can be for a retail box or even an eCommerce packaging box. So, here is how you can compare it with spot UV printing.

When your printing has a raised feeling, you can ensure it works perfectly for the touchy feel. At the same time, you capture your audience’s visual sense. Also, you can add patterns that make your printing even more special.

Matte UV and Benefits

Matte UV would look amazing with its sobber feel, while spot UV offers a glossy feel to your boxes. So, you can combine the two to ensure you get a glossy and sobber feeling to your boxes. In addition, it gives a great elegant feel with no gloss for your boxes.

Matt Lamination

So, matt lamination offers its own unique features that work for your boxes. You can get a tremendous soft look with it with less contrast. On the other hand, it may not provide the same protective layer type as other laminations.

When we talk about what Spot UV provides, it has more protection with a different feel and looks for your boxes.

Soft-Touch Lamination

This add-on has the perfect ability to make your color quality better. Also, they offer a cost-effective solution you can find for your boxes. So, it is similar to Spot UV regarding what it provides to your boxes, which is better vividness.

How is Spot UV Used?

Once you know what makes spot UV special, you can read about using this add-on in your printing.

Several tools can be used to add spot UV to your design. So one of these is Photoshop, which can help you get an excellent feel for your printing.

  • Start by combining all layers in one folder, and then you can pull all the supposed layers in Spot UV. Then, you should duplicate the top of these and duplicate it.
  • Next, you can give the folder a name and ensure it is outside the Front folder.
  • Then, you can add an overlay of 100 percent black. Again, you can do this after you double-click your Spot UV folder.
  • Next, you can turn off your spot UV folder and save your files.
  • You can turn off your Front folder and save the file as a jpg or pdf.

So, the better you use the design, the more impressive your UV spot coating and other add-ons will look.

Let Your Printing Shine Well

Spot UV is a great way to make your printing look super impressive. So, you can try using it to make your printing look great without breaking the bank. Packaging Hub can help you get satisfying results for your printing. You can rely on our services to ensure your printing looks super impressive with all the add-ons you need. Your packaging will get spot UV packaging with perfection.

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