Why Your Product Packaging is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

Posted August 22, 2022 Packaging Design

Your product packaging is the first thing that potential customers see when they encounter your product. It’s your chance to make a great first impression and convince people to buy what you’re selling. But if your packaging is missing the mark, you could be losing out on sales.

And that’s definitely not something you want!

So, what are some common packaging mistakes that could be costing you sales? And more importantly, how can you fix them?

1. Your Packaging is Boring

Let’s face it: most product packaging is pretty boring. It’s usually just a plain box or bag with the product name and some basic information printed on it. That’s not going to do much to grab people’s attention or make them want to buy your product.

If you want your packaging to stand out, you need to make it more interesting. Use bright colors, interesting shapes, and eye-catching graphics. Make it something that people will actually want to pick up and look at.

2. Your Packaging is Confusing

Your packaging should be easy to understand. Potential customers shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what your product is or what it does.

Make sure your product name and description are clear and concise. Use easy-to-understand language and avoid jargon. And make sure the most important information is prominently displayed.

3. Your Packaging is Inconsistent

If you’re selling multiple products, it’s important that your packaging is consistent. That means using the same colors, fonts, and overall design across all of your products. This will help create a cohesive brand identity that people will recognize and remember.

4. Your Packaging is Poor Quality

If your packaging looks cheap, people will assume your product is cheap. That’s why it’s important to use high-quality materials and printing techniques. Your packaging should look like it was made with care and attention to detail.

5. You’re Not Utilizing All of the Space

lip balm boxes

The space on your packaging is valuable real estate. Don’t waste it by leaving blank areas or filling it with unnecessary information. Use it to your advantage by including things like coupons, discounts, or special offers.

6. Your Packaging is Not Environmentally Friendly

More and more people are looking for environmentally friendly products. If your packaging is not eco-friendly, you could be losing out on sales.

There are a number of ways to make your packaging more environmentally friendly. Use recycled materials, choose biodegradable options, or ditch the packaging altogether.

7. You’re Not Thinking Outside the Box

We hope you’ll pardon the pun, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your packaging. There are endless possibilities for creativity and innovation. So don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new. For instance, you could use packaging that doubles as a product (like a reusable shopping bag). Or, you could use packaging that can be reused or recycled in some way.

8. You’re Not Testing Your Packaging

Before you launch your product, it’s important to test your packaging. Make sure it’s durable and can withstand the rigors of shipping. Do a mock-up of your packaging and send it to a few friends or family members to get their feedback. And if possible, do a small run of your packaging to make sure everything is just right before you go into full production.

9. You’re Not Keeping Up With Trends

Packaging trends are always changing. What’s popular today might be outdated tomorrow. So it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and incorporate them into your packaging.

10. You’re Not Getting Professional Help

If you’re not a professional designer, it might be worth your while to hire one. A good designer can help you create packaging that’s both eye-catching and functional. They can also offer helpful insights and suggestions based on their experience.

Remember, your packaging is often the first thing people see when they encounter your product. So make sure it’s making the right impression.

Don’t Let Bad Packaging Ruin Your Product’s Chances

These are just a few of the most common packaging mistakes that could be costing you sales. But by avoiding these mistakes and thinking carefully about your packaging, you can create packaging that will help you boost sales and grow your business.

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