Types Of Protective Packaging Materials

Posted April 13, 2023 protective packaging materials

Your products need packaging that can protect them and make them helpful for your operations. So, we have a blog that can tell you about the best materials you can use for them. We will talk about the top trends, famous materials, their features, and their uses.

What is Protective Packaging?

This type is the one that offers safety and protection for goods against environmental and other factors. So, you can use different packaging material types for goods that can also help protect them.

Protective Packaging Materials Trends

The trends in the market show that not only protection but other factors matter a lot. So, your products get the packaging that improves the design and other factors. For instance:

  • Protecting the environment is an important part that plays a role. So, ensuring that materials like glass and paper are used is a must. These materials offer good protection, which is why your products need such packing.
  • Also, materials like bio-plastics can avoid damaging your goods during transit.
  • The reusability factor is another trend that will change how things happen in this department.

These protective packaging market trends can change how things are done in this sector.

Top Protective Packaging Materials

We have a list of protective materials that work for multiple products and offer protection that improves your results. So, here is a list of top options you can try for your packaging today.

  • Packing Peanuts
  • Foam inserts
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard
  • Air cushioning
  • Loose fill
  • Paper void fill
  • Paper

Paper And Protection

Paper is excellent because it can make things perfect with impressive protection. It works for multiple needs, like offering strength against weight and crushing forces. So your product remains safe during any transit.

Using cushioning for your products can make things even better. So, you can try using bubble wrap to perfect stuff with the best protection you can get.


Cardboard is a great one as it offers good protection. You can try it as a shredded card to help you get shock absorbance properties.

Packaging Peanuts And Protection

Peanuts can be an excellent type for making your products more protected. It allows you to keep your goods inside a box with shredded material. So, you can make things more protected with this type.

This one allows your goods to avoid bumping inside your boxes. In addition, this type can cushion your product.

Bubble Wrap

This type allows excellent help as it is more durable and can keep products safe. It is considered a great one for every good. At the same time, they work well as versatile ones.

A thing to remember is that you should use the right size for the right package. One of the most famous methods to use this one is to fill the whole box and make things tight inside it. This way, you avoid bumps for the goods you have packed inside.

Also, you can easily use this material when transporting electronic devices. So you do not have to worry about static currents when you use them.

Air Cushioning

This material allows you resistance against any tearing during transit. At the same time, they are reusable and provide durability. Moreover, it can protect with the help of flexibility and offers more neatness. At the same time, it provides fantastic protection in multiple creative ways. This way, you get great protection for your goods.

Loose Fill For Packing

Loose fill is a great one you can try for amazing results for packing. So, some types fall close to this material and still offer great protection, like:

  • Eco-fill is a type that offers your product safety with eco-friendly solutions. This is a collection of shredded paper you can use for protection.
  • Also, you can use filla paper that comes from recycled fibers.
  • Then, there are biodegradable ones. At the same time, it is great when it comes to biodegradability.
  • So, you can get rid of them when you put them in water.

Paper Void Fill Packaging

Now, this type works for multiple benefits you can reap. For instance, it offers protection for easily breakable goods. It covers all the extra space removing the chance of your products bumping with each other or package walls. So, it is among the best protective packaging examples in the form of materials.

Another benefit this one offers is its reusability and being environmentally friendly. This one works for transit and storage purposes.

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