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Posted March 29, 2023 Makeup Packaging Ideas

For a few, cosmetics are just products, but on the other side, maximum consider them a sign of beauty and strength. So, they consider them daily routine products; they wake up and do makeup to actively and happily spend their day.

The demand shows this field has some potential, but how can you grow in this business? Packaging! Beauty products must have astonishing packaging. So, consumers get positive vibes whenever they see the packaging and want to grab the product at first glance.

The packaging is made with kraft, corrugated, and cardboard that are strong enough to protect fragile beauty products from breakage during transportation. This article will detail the features, benefits, and stats of cosmetic packaging.

Few Facts About Custom Packaging

It does not matter which product or how small product you are selling. Still, appropriate packaging is a must because studies say that 72 percent of Americans purchase products based on attractive packaging design.

Furthermore, the packaging is the outer layer of any product and can potentially change customers’ buying behavior. Failing in this task increases the chances of your product gathering dust on the retailer’s shelf.

Some Current and Future Packaging Trends

Packaging technologies are improving continuously due to the change in lifestyle and high demand for it.

  • Sustainable packaging material has been introduced to reduce landfills.
  • The packaging has added antimicrobial elements to maintain the product’s freshness.
  • Also, bio-based sensors make the packaging intelligent, as the packaging can indicate whether an inner product is fresh.
  • The packaging can be reused and recycled.

Features of Cosmetic Packaging

No doubt cosmetic products do not need any advertisement; everyone uses cosmetics to enhance their features. But a few essential things can significantly increase your product’s sales.

  1. It would be best if you focused on the functionality of the product packaging. But the point is how you can analyze the functionality of packaging. Three points can help you in this regard;
    – Protection
    – Communication
    – Utility
  2. If the product is not studied correctly before deciding on the packaging, then the packaging can cost you and seem unattractive to the consumer, resulting in fewer sales.
  3. The packaging must deliver a high-class feeling that can be achieved with elegance, harmony, and comfort. These features will encourage the customer to make an instant purchase decision.
  4. Versatility is another prominent feature that the packaging must have; different products have different features and require different solutions for better protection and sales. Furthermore, unique designs, impressive logos, attractive graphics, elegant and beautiful hues, add-ons, and different cuts can make a major impact.

Benefits You Get Through Cosmetics Packaging

  • Different shapes and graphics give the brand an individual identity that is important to gain popularity in the competitive market.
  • High-quality packaging with brand information spreads positive word of mouth about the brand among potential customers and helps to stick the existing customers.
  • As the cosmetic product directly applies to the face. So, Packaging preserves the cosmetic by preventing damage. Plus, it also protects the product from traveling humps and bumps.
  • Customized packaging creates a positive brand image about the brand.
  • An effective way to increase the sale of new products, windows give the view of the inner product.

Things Need to Know Before Selecting Packaging

A few points have been mentioned below for your understanding and to help you make better decisions;

  • The first thing is to study the brand’s nature before selecting the packaging, what you are, and what you want to describe. The packaging should convey the brand image or message and be able to present the product attractively.
  • Packaging cannot be selected without understanding the targeted audience—analysis of the purchase patterns of potential customers.
  • Understanding the marketplace norms where you plan to introduce your cosmetic product is mandatory. Selling competitors’ strategies and offerings will help you generate better products and sales results.
  • Cosmetic is a fragile product that can break with a minor bump or change in the weather. So, they pack in the packaging that can protect it from these factors.

Creative Ideas for Cosmetic Packaging

Thousands of cosmetic brands are available in the market, and everyone tries hard to compete. Few feel they can reach the top by introducing advanced and updated product lines, but actual packaging is the key to success. It is the first thing a consumer interacts with.

Therefore, you need to select different aspects in a manner that can attract the maximum audience. Each aspect is described in detail;

Color Psychology

Choosing the right packaging color has a positive impact on sales and marketing. Choose between warm and cold colors.

Warn colors; red, orange, and yellow. They invoke a scene of passion and warmth in design, are good at spreading energy, and have a long wavelength.

Cool colors; blue, purple, and green. These colors generate a calming effect in the mind of the viewer.

Color Preference According to Gender

People’s color preferences vary between men and women.

Both genders commonly use blue and green colors; studies have proven this. However, purple is the second favorite color in women but is considered the least favorite color in men.

Color is Different Cultures

It is a fact that various colors depict different impacts in multiple cultures; in the West, white color is associated with positive feelings, but in Asian countries, people consider it a sign of mourning. Therefore, designers should focus on this reality while considering different ideas for makeup packaging.

Blind of Multiple Colors

Sometimes it gets hard to choose the right color. At this point, designers can use this approach; blind of different colors. It helps the user differentiate packaging elements like text and user interface elements.

Fonts Selection in Packaging

After colors, fonts play a significant role in enhancing the packaging layout. Different typographies communicate to the audience in different ways. Therefore, their selection is not an easy job.

  • Serif font
  • Script font
  • San Serif font

Fonts that are easy to read are the most preferred choice of designers. San serif font is one of the fonts that are easy to read, giving the packaging a modern and geometric look.

Script family comes under highly used fonts. They are elegant and allow the designer to play with them.
In brief, the font always goes with the nature of the product and must be easy to read.

Graphics And Add-ons

Huge product variety comes under the term ‘cosmetic.’ It has all the products; skincare, haircare, nailcare, and a full range of makeup. Few product lines require a minimalistic packaging approach, such as skin care. On the other hand, few need-blind bright colors and graphics to grab customers’ attention, such as shampoos or eyeshadow palettes.

Furthermore, you can add windows and add-ons to enhance the visual appeal of the cosmetic packaging. Windows lets the customer look at the inner product without disturbing the packaging grace.

Final Thoughts

You do not need to worry about continuously changing buying habits and trends. Your customer will experience an entirely new experience with the creative designs by the Packaging Hub for your goodies. Your customers will start identifying products from afar and will fight to get your products if you follow the above-explained point before designing your cosmetic packaging.

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