Different Types of Gift Boxes – Packaging Styles Need To Try

Posted June 22, 2023 Types of gift boxes

So, are you ready to sell gift boxes, or do you need them for your business? Anyway, it would be best if you learned how to improve how they work for you and your business. This blog will tell you how to make them stand out and what designs work best for you. So, this is your design style guide to get the best designs for your business.

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Types Of Gift Boxes

Before you choose a gift box for your event, you must find their types. We have a list of boxes that work for different needs:

  • Personalized boxes
  • Treasure chest
  • Globe
  • House-shaped
  • Pop-up flower garden
  • Retro
  • Camera-styled boxes
  • Pop-corn
  • Suit and tie printed
  • Fortune cookie
  • Music box
  • Retro TV
  • Minimalist designs
  • Floral
  • Puzzle boxes
  • Book styled
  • Lantern styled
  • Geometric shapes
  • Balloon
  • Secret compartment
  • Square Boxes
  • Round hat
  • Pillow styled
  • Pop up
  • Suitcase boxes
  • Foldable
  • Gift bags
  • Transparent
  • Nested boxes
  • Window styled
  • Drawer styled

Globe Boxes

These boxes have a unique feel and look super good. They are a great choice for making your box design unique and impressive. The standard materials that you can use for these are paper and cardboard. The name tells it all about the shape of these boxes.

They look like globes, and you can get them in different capacities and sizes. You can also customize them according to your clients’ and customers’ needs. Using them would make your brand stand out with a unique feel and look.

Treasure Chest Boxes

If you want your gifts to look like a treasure, chest boxes can be a good choice. All you have to do is create a package that looks like a treasure box, which would look amazing. Playing with the size of the boxes can pay off, so try something vast and tiny.

They are among the different types of gift boxes you can find for an excellent presentation of your gifts. You can try different colors for packaging, but the best-suiting color will depend on the gift occasion. Also, it would be best to make its color look like a treasure box. You can make things look more realistic with add-ons and designs that work for such looks.

Pop-Up Flowers Garden

Making things look cute would work for clients and customers who want gift boxes for girls and kids. A pop-up effect can make your gift boxes stand out, and you can add this effect with flowers.

Make sure the pop-up part looks fantastic and has the best beauty you can add. At the same time, you can make these boxes memorable by adding an element of surprise.

House-Shaped Boxes

Now, using these boxes can make your job more worth it. You can use these to decorate as a piece of interior. So, it has value for your customers and clients beyond just sending and receiving gifts.

Retro Boxes

If your customers or clients want old touches to your boxes, you can try using such designs. So, you can make your boxes look amazing with a nostalgic feeling for them.

At the same time, you need to make their shapes look super impressive. Be creative with them; you can make them look extra good with uniqueness. One thing is for sure: they must carry retro graphics to make them look that way.

You can also use retro labels and stickers to make them stand out. These boxes should also evoke the feeling of limited-edition versions of your products, so try to make them look like collectibles and limited-edition stuff.

Camera-Styled Boxes

If your customers like vintage stuff, these would be a great choice. The main parts of these boxes will be the lens, viewfinder, and dials on them. One thing is for sure: you must make your camera boxes look authentic and close to reality.

Then, and only then, you can make the full impact your gift boxes need to deliver. Also, you can try using multiple compartments in your boxes to make them stand out. You can hide different parts of gifts or other gifts in these compartments to stand out.

You can use these for specific events, and they would look impressive with these.

Fortune Cookie Boxes

Now, these boxes have a special feeling and shape. They look like cookies in both shape and color. Also, you can open and close them according to your needs; it feels fantastic when you show your gifts.

Making boxes that carry personalized or customized messages can enhance your sales. You can try these for customers who need them for weddings as favor boxes. At the same time, you can try different colors and designs for these to stand out.

The biggest reason you should try them is to make things look unique and new. It’s a great way to surprise the gift receivers and to make things more impressive.

Cute Suit And Tie Design

Suit and tie look amazing for a formal event, but what if you make them look cute? So, suit and tie boxes can make your work perfect for many occasions. You can try them on birthdays, weddings, and many other occasions.

Make sure you make them look cute with designs that work for different occasions differently. At the same time, they must carry intricate details to look unique. They would work for gifts like watches, accessories, cufflinks, and ties.

So, you can find a range of options for gifting with boxes like these.

Puzzle Boxes

Using puzzles to play is a unique feature we can incorporate into boxes. So, keep in mind that you can use these to make your boxes look more intriguing. Try to make things interactive and engage your customers and clients with these features.

Also, you can meet the skill level of your customers by designing it for difficulty levels. If the gifts are for a young kid, you can try easy ones. And if you are making boxes for adults, you need to make the puzzles more challenging.

Book-Styled Gift Boxes

These boxes would look like books and can also carry a magnet that helps them stay closed. You can also use them for decoration, making your boxes look more impressive.

Your Packaging Partner For Every Occasion

Packaging is a part you can not skip if you want your gifts to look great. So, if you make them stand out, our services can give you a reliable look that makes your boxes look great. We can take care of any unique design needs you ever look for.

So, order now; your boxes will always be up to par and perfect to the core with us.

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