40+ Small Business Packaging Ideas to Boost Sales

Posted March 10, 2023 Small Business Packaging Ideas to Boost Sales

Are you ready to make your sales go off the chart with kick-ass packaging ideas? So, the thing is, you do not need to be a big business to do creative things; you have to pay attention. But, once you understand you need creativity, you can nail it with the best custom packaging ideas for small businesses. This blog is here to do just that for your business.

We will cover all the top designs your business can use, the best box types, and their features. On top of that, you can learn which boxes fall under your business model and how you can nail the game.

What is Special About Small Business Boxes?

Businesses have big problems, and keeping things in shape can be difficult. So, how do they differ from other types of boxes? Well, here are some key differentiators:

  • Small businesses have to have designs that cost less. It would be best if you did not compromise on your tight budget and stay within it.
  • When you add unique embellishments, your ideas can be a real deal for your customers. It can be a gift box that you can make extra special with the beauty they carry.
  • It would be best if you sold big by offering eco-friendly solutions. People care about sustainable packages even when you run a small business.
  • What kind of box you need also depends on your brand type.
  • Also, you can add something that helps your business identity or the business it represents.
  • A small business needs a lot of work in the branding department. So, you can use logos and other branding elements to improve that.

These small business packaging ideas can improve your promotion and branding results.

Creative And Unique Designs

There are multiple options when it comes to boxes for businesses. Here are some you can add:

  • You can make your boxes look like bags.
  • Also, you can use square-shaped mailer boxes. Such designs look clean and attractive when you add the minor color.
  • Try adding some extra pieces of embellishments, like ribbons and strings.
  • Using new and unique big text with impressive typography will pay off.
  • Also, you can try vibrant colors with a gift wrap style.
  • Try adding new and unique add-ons, like debossing and embossing, plus others.
  • Plain white or black colors can look super-elegant, which improves your results.
    Using a lid and box can be unique when it allows.

The Latest Trends

Your needs to be more catchy and unique to make the users more interested. So, here are some trendy designs you can try:

  • Adding a package with straightforward typography and fillers can significantly impact your box. The fillers should be colorful if you want something special.
  • Minimalistic designs and doodle art can also make your boxes memorable.
  • Another beauty of design would be the use of stylistic text fonts.
  • Using stickers can also make things more funky and impressive.
  • Adding seals and stamps can make your boxes even more unique, so try them out.

These box types can perfect your brand identity by adding something new and unique. So, a small business can use them for multiple reasons, like the beauty they carry.

Some More Kick Ass Designs

Now, a brand can ideally be super impressive when you add personalization or branding to boxes. Also, it works for wraps you use for your brand, so here are some solutions you need to remember:

  • You can add branding to your packages by using branded wraps to it.
  • A new trend is to use illustrations for your boxes.
  • Also, add a garment that carries a vintage image you can use.
  • Using inserts in your boxes can impressively help get them a unique feel.
  • Packaging with a pocket part where you can put a “thank you” note or something else can also be impressive.
  • Apart from illustrations, adding colors with painting to boxes can also make things memorable.
  • Festive holiday designs in your boxes can also make your customers feel special.
  • At the same time, adding a personal touch to your packaging can perfect things.
  • Try adding an unwrapping experience for your customers to give them a unique feel.
  • Using a specific color can also help you build branding and voice. So, please choose your color carefully and stick with it forever.
  • Add a new and unique shape to perfect your boxes.

Boxes That Stand Out!

Some more design ideas can perfect your brand, so try these out:

  • You can try using eco-friendly boxes, and you can prepare them yourself. These can be made of garments and carry a neat feel.
  • Try using kraft paper with some embellishments that look simple yet impressive.
  • A smaller, less-covering product package that looks like a brand can also add a unique feel.
  • Try adding a unique vibe when you use instructions in the form of tags. Add a note to your box that can also match its color.
  • You can try to add the same flare and design to your packaging, just like your box.
  • Adding your patterns to the whole box can make things memorable for you.
  • Avoiding colors and making them straightforward to see can also be impressive.
  • You can add different parts to the packaging. So, they can carry a box, then a wrap-paper, and much more.

Patterns, Illustrations, And Beyond

Patterns can help improve your packaging and help make a unique feel come true for you. So, here are some patterns and illustration designs you can surely get results from:

  • You can match your product with the patterns you use for its boxes. Things like the flavor color of the product can match the pattern colors.
  • Unique designs with patterns that have textures can improve the message power. Try out patterns that depict what is inside and still look exceptional.
  • Try out the patterns that depict what is inside.
  • Also, add a story your customers may be interested in.
  • You can add a unique feel to your product by adding something impressive inside it. Your boxes can impress when they carry things like matching colors inside. Try to be creative and try different ideas out.
  • Your paper wraps can also have patterns to make your packaging great.
  • Also, you can add wraps that look like the ones you would use for presents.

Top Color Options

Colors can change how your boxes look and the impression your products can carry. So, you add the perfect feel for your customer with a unique color.

Here are some hues you can try:

  • You can use an earthly green color for your box to show your product’s decency and soberness.
  • Try using a contrast between the outside and the inside of it.
  • Funky colors like pink with a clear, typographically beautiful piece of text can also do a great job.
  • Try cream color with a contrasting and deeper color.
  • Trying crayon colors in your boxes can also set things up.
  • Jet black with an earthly outside color can also do a great job.
  • Using different patterns in rich colors and contrast can also perfect the outer side of your box.
  • You can be bold with light hues all over the box in paint-like patterns that emerge without tight boundaries.
  • Also, you can try vintage colors that improve your product impressions.
  • Try using creamy-color patterns to make things elegant and impressive.
  • Super-bright colors can be great as well.

Try Unique Shapes

When using a specific shape for your boxes, there is no limit on what you can do. So, try out any that may suit your brand and its voice. These practices can work for primary and secondary packaging.

Here are some shape ideas with super creativity:

  • Add multiple sections inside your box for the different products you pack.
  • Also, add sections that open like a cupboard to the sides or horizontally. Such boxes would look super unique and high-end.
  • Capturing the customers’ emotions can yield great results. Different shapes would work for men and women.
  • Try using geometrical shapes to make your products look perfect.
  • Adding a lot of text to your box logo may not be a shape thing, but it can improve the whole product’s look.
  • Create a unique box design if you want to nail it with a packaging shape. Such shapes can perfect things with shapes that create an out-of-the-world unboxing experience.
  • Your boxes with a less explicit feel can make a memorable impression. You can add shapes that look perfectly impressive.
  • Boxes can be unique when you add a special look to what they are made from. For instance, a banana juice box can carry the shape of a banana and much more.
  • You can also use a more impressive shape in the secondary and primary packaging. For instance, a caterpillar-like packaging for a kid’s candy box would nail it.
  • Also, your uniqueness improves when you add your product to a box that looks like a print. For instance, a tea bag inside the box looks like a teacup, making your tea bag visual inside the cup.

Unique shapes can give you cute packaging ideas for small businesses.

Creativity With Add-Ons

There is a vast number of add-ons that can make your boxes great. Embossing and extra bold debossing can be great ways to go. So, perfect it with visually clear and embossed text that can help you recognize the word with your eyes closed. Some others may include:

  • You can present your product well by adding a window to your box.
  • At the same time, you can make the whole box clear to demonstrate your product.
  • Adding packaging that covers some parts of the product and still shows the remaining is a great idea. Such packaging does not need to be high-cost but still looks impressive.

These creative ideas can help you with any packaging, including food packaging for a small business.

Packaging Hub Cares About Your Box Uniqueness

We care for our clients’ brands by keeping things impressive for big and small business packaging solutions. Your boxes will be super-impressive, with every unique element kept in mind. Our solutions can help improve your results for any product you want to pack inside. So, order now, and your boxes will make things pivot.


How to get custom packaging for small businesses?

When you’re looking to plan your custom packaging for a small business, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Ensure you understand your product’s size, shape, and fragility.
  • At the same time, we should explore different options for the companies that can provide you with these custom boxes.
  • You should ensure you design your packaging correctly and choose the materials correctly.
  • Then, when you get the prototypes, test them before you order the complete production.

What is the best packaging for small items?

You should consider your products’ size, shape, and fragility. Also, you should know the shipping and handling details and distribution channels of transportation. At the same time, we should be looking to use eco-friendly materials and minimize waste for better cost alongside sustainability. Also, you must ensure that your packaging matches the brand and its aesthetics.

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