Soft Touch Coating Vs Soft Touch Lamination in Printing

Posted June 20, 2023 Soft touch coating and lamination

If you are a packaging professional, add-ons are a must in your life. No one wants to see boxes that look like something killed while crossing a road. People are interested in aesthetically appealing stuff that gives them goosebumps.

So, be ready to make your boxes special with a soft touch. Not convinced? You will be when you find out why this add-on is important. Read the blog, and you will find out.

What Is Soft Touch Coating?

This add-on is perfect if you want to add an extra layer of impressive features. So, what does it offer? It gives your customers a great feeling when they touch the box made with it. You can try it for printed materials with the ability to avoid any fingerprints on your box.

When you add dark colors, you can make the boxes look more elegant. So, if you need that look, try them on, and you will not regret soft touch coating printing. Also, you can rely on it if you want something eco-friendly. So, you can avail of its velvety feel for many projects you can use.

Some More Pros:

  • It is among the add-ons that do not make your packaging get yellow at any time.
  • You can rely on the image quality it would create.
  • Using it during the printing process is also possible. Still, it falls among the options you can avail of with little expense.
  • It is a perfect method to make things durable and dust resistant.
  • Also, you can use it with chemical resistance.
  • At the same time, it offers you versatility in your results.

Soft touch coating problems:

When it comes to this add-on, you do not have to worry about it. But during the finishing process, it may get scratches and other bruises.

What Is Soft Touch Lamination?

This type of add-on differs in the feeling you get visually and in touch. So, try this add-on if you want a velvety, soft, and matt feeling. It is a unique way to make your boxes look and feel special. You can use it for any box type you want to look high-end.

Its durability factor makes it even more preferable with the ability not to cause any fingerprints on the packaging. The most common combination for this lamination type is gloss varnish and foil blocking. Also, you get the amazing quality you would love for your products.

Some More Pros:

Soft touch lamination works for custom boxes, and you can get the following benefits:

  • You get extra protection for your boxes that you get with toner chipping.
  • It has an amazing quality of resistance against scratches.
  • Using this one would give you an amazing feel compared to other add-ons.
  • You can also enhance the grip of the boxes with this one.
  • Also, you can rely on it with resistance against fingerprints.
  • It offers you prevention against causing any damage in the corners of your boxes for a long.

Cons of Soft Touch Lamination:

  • It may not work for every need, as it can make some boxes look less vibrant.
  • Also, your colors may look muter when you want to add soft touch lamination.
  • If you want things to be very cost-effective, you may not want to get this add-on. You can get better results when you spend, but leave it out if you want things to be mediocre.

These benefits can make your print jobs more special, but remember when to avoid this embellishment. Just be sure you get the features your print job needs and deserves.

Uses of Soft Touch Coating

Here are some uses of soft-touch coating you can do:

  • You can use them in business cards
  • Also, you can find them in catalogs for your brand or restaurant.
  • Using it for invitations is also a great option.
  • Try it out on book covers.
  • Also, it would work perfectly for postcards and brochures.

Where To Use Soft Touch Lamination?

You can try it on any luxury box, or anywhere you want to make things look high-end. Make sure you do not use it where you want o keep your colors vibrant.

Difference Between Soft Touch Coating And Soft Touch Lamination

There are some amazing differences you can find when you use the two. So, you need to know how to differentiate between them and which one to prefer.

  • You can find soft touch coating to be more cost-effective when compared to its counterpart.
  • Also, you can use it during the printing process, and you have to use ultra violate rays for applying it.
  • The common use of this one is on paperboard, and it works for retail packaging mostly.
  • On the other hand, soft touch lamination is used during the additional part of your printing process.
  • You also get rid of any danger of moisture catching your boxes.
  • At the same time, you make your designs more muted with it.

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