What is Foil Stamping in Printing – Types And Benefits

Posted June 9, 2023 Foil Stamping Printing

Foil stamping is a great way to make your products stand out, so are you up to it? If yes, this effect can add value to your products and bank balance. Why does it matter? What features and types must you know? With this blog, your packaging business will get a real boost, so read quickly.

Types of Embellishments for Printing Jobs

There is a long list of embellishments you can find in this department, like:

These are the most common and vastly used embellishments for your print jobs. You can try them on gift boxes, luxurious boxes, and many more.

What is Foil Stamping?

Regarding the foiling technique, you attach a metal foil to your paper or card material. This process gets execution from pressure, heat, and glossy UV. The result comes out as a high-quality and memorable one. You can try it for multiple products, including business stationery and other more significant products.

There are two popular types of foil stamping which we will discuss further in this blog. Also, you apply it to a certain part of your packaging, not a whole box. The process includes using a die for the foil you put between it and a substrate. If you do not know what is hot stamping, then it is what you need to know.

Benefits of The Technique

We have a list of benefits you can get from this technique, like:

  • It offers you versatility for your packaging and printing with high-end looks.
  • Using this method is safe due to its eco-friendly solutions.
  • This technique lets you get visible results that enhance beauty and customer attention.
  • Also, this technique can make your customer’s unboxing experience more satisfying.
  • You can use it to enhance the beauty of other add-ons.

Types of Foiling

Now that you know what you can do with foil stamping, you should also know some of its types. Try them on candle boxes, and they will look amazing. So, you have the following:

Metalic Foil

This is one of the main types you can find in this department. You can call it metalized foiling and compare it with aluminum foils. The most common colors in this type are bronze, copper, gold, and silver. Some would also allow you to use green, blue, and red. Then there are other colors like:

  • You can find rose gold color in metallic foil
  • Also, you can try out a pink color for your metallic foil stamping.
  • Using satin white is also a norm
  • At the same time, you can find black foil

Pearl Foil

Pearl foil is another type you can use and works for premium-style beauty. You can try it to make your product outlook super special. It is among the types you can find semi-translucent, giving a Pearlish feel to the packaging.

Pigment Foil

This one may seem similar by name, but it offers a different feeling for your prints. So, you can have a more matte or gloss feeling when you use them.

Holographic Foil Stamping Printing

This type perfectly adds a rainbow effect by reflecting multiple colors in the light. You can add a feeling of the specialty of products. It offers you to show embossed designs that allow you to reflect multiple colors on a spectrum.

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