50+ Top Packaging Design Trends You Need to Know

Posted May 11, 2023 Packaging Design

Are you new to the packaging world or looking to make your boxes look special? Trends significantly impact every industry, so you must keep your packing work up-to-date. Here are some top design trends that have and will change the packaging world.

You can read about different trending materials, add-ons, and box types. So, let’s start right away!

Trending Eco-Friendly Materials

Ensuring you go with the right materials is half the design game. So, we have a long list of materials that fall under this category. Here are some materials that are trending:

  • Biodegradable packaging peanuts
  • Cornstarch
  • Glassine
  • Mushroom packaging
  • Green cell
  • Seaweed
  • Corrugated bubble wrap
  • Air pillows with recycled content
  • Recycled cardboard and paper
  • Cellulose
  • Biodegradable and recycled plastics
  • Kraft packaging
  • Compostable materials
  • Edible films

All of these materials work well to make your products stand out. So, we have details for some types of sustainable and eco-friendly packaging materials you should learn about.

Peanuts Packaging Features

Peanuts packaging has a considerable number of features that you can use for your packaging. So, it is an affordable material with versatility. This means you must spend less when making products with these materials. What else? When a significant and more obvious benefit is that such products will carry eco-friendly solutions.

You can rely on its protection feature, which offers every size and design you need.

Glassine Packaging

Another fabulous material, glassine, allows perfect solutions for food products. This material works for multiple products in this category, including food packaging. For instance, you can use it for cheese fries and meat. At the same time, it works for bookbinding.

Moreover, this material can avoid issues with chocolate packaging. Its use for candies and similar products can help you achieve better density, which may help you make your product more protected.

Another thing to remember is you can get better smoothness of the packaging when you use this material. This means you do not have to worry about the product getting damaged when packed. At the same time, it offers durability, making things easy to pack.

Seaweed Packaging

Seaweed is a fantastic way to get packaging material without any sustainability issues. So, when you rely on something sustainable, you do not have to worry about finding it difficult. Using this material is also helpful in stopping the emission of greenhouse gases into the environment.

Design Trends in Packaging

Design is always essential to packaging; you must learn about the best trends for a better image. In addition, some patterns and design types make your designs look special. For instance:

Pattern Designs

Here are some types of pattern designs you can try on your packaging boxes:

  • Wrapped-around patterns look fantastic when used for packaging. However, they also look amazing when used around the whole package.
  • Try using illustrations in the form of patterns you can publish on the packaging of your product.
  • Also, you can try dotted patterns. Try using different-sized boxes that create versatility in design.
  • Fully wrapped patterns make things beautiful with a vintage-like field.

Typographical Beauty

Typography is an important part you must remember when designing your packaging products. So, here are some typographical fonts you can try:

  • Sans serif is one of the most used font categories for packaging. Fonts like Monserta, Poppins, and Gotham come in this category.
  • Antenon, Bebas, and Bernard stand out in their fantastic uniqueness when discussing the Gothic category.
  • Script fonts include Tuesday, Signature, and other brush fonts.

Some of these fonts have a bold appearance, while others carry other unique features. You can try any of these categories to ensure results for your packaging typography look.

Logo Designs

Logos are always a big part of your packaging, and you must prioritize uniqueness. So, you can use something special to get more customers to love your products. Here are some trends in the market that go with this category:

  • You can try using doodle art to make your logos look special.
  • Try using molecule-inspired logos that show a lovely picture you can paint with a fantastic feel for your packaging.
  • Add a modern and futuristic feel to your logos. You can try a new science fiction feel for your designs.
  • Geometrical uniqueness can also make your logos look special.
  • Try using some vintage styles in your logo to ensure it works effectively.

These packaging design trends can make you stand out with perfect-looking and outstanding results. Try out these logo design inspirations, and you can definitely make your products stand out.

Colors And Packaging Design Trends

Colors and packaging are vital in making your product’s image and brand. Trends in the packaging world depend on the science behind the use of colors for packaging designs. So, here are some design colors you can try for your packaging:

  • Try blue to create a feeling of trust among your customers.
  • Adding red can help improve your customers’ emotional feelings.
  • Green would suit any product that offers green solutions for your products.

Food Packaging Design Trends

Food packaging is another field that sees a lot of updates in the current era. You can try technologies to keep your food safer and help you create fantastic protection from any factors interrupting its chemical composition. At the same time, you can find packaging solutions that provide you with better information about it.

Among solutions, you can find packaging with QR codes to scan to learn about the product. So, any information you want, including ingredients, expiry date, and others, is available. Some brands also utilize studies on human psychology to make things stand out.

Telling stories is one way to make your product look extra special, and using transparent and vintage designs can also help your brand stand out. At the same time, personalization can help your brand show its unique beauty to you.

Top Food Packaging Trends

Here are some top food packaging trends that you need to catch:

  • Consumers like to see what they purchase in food so that transparent packaging can be helpful.
  • At the same time, you can use stories to tell more about your product and brand. You must also make things more attractive with the beauty that matters to your customers.
  • You can also try using suitable packaging with tamper-evident seals. This way, your customers can be sure that their products are clean and have not been used before.

Skincare Packaging Design Trends

Skincare packaging is a sector that has worked well with the packaging design and beauty it carries. So, here are some design trends that are going to work:

  • Bold colors can help you make your products unique.
  • You can also try designs that look like art, unique colors, and artistic graphics to make your product look special.
  • Try using bright colors with a minimal feel for your products. Keep your product center stage, and you can improve your results.

Innovative Packaging Design

You can utilize a long list of packaging design options for the best trends. For instance, you can try the following ideas for your needs:

Shape-Shifting Packaging

There is a long list of shape-shifting packaging ideas you can try in this niche, like:

  • You can try boxes that change shape into furniture as they unfold or a storage container that fits your needs.
  • At the same time, you can utilize it according to the shape of the product packed inside.
  • Also, the box can be used as a shape-shifting puzzle that people can play with.
  • Try using this kind of packaging to flatten when it is not in use.

You can use innovative materials that respond to external stimuli like pressure and temperature to execute these. This way, the boxes would fold depending on pre-designed creases. At the same time, origami-inspired designs carrying cuts and folds would allow transformation into different shapes.

Seed Bombs

Now, this one is one of the best packaging ideas you can have in terms of innovation. You can use them for plantable packaging, where you can plant the remaining packaging that would grow into flowers. Also, you can try mushroom mycelium, which would quickly break down and be shaped into seed bombs.

Refill Stations

You can try these ideas for this type:

  • Stand-up pouches that are durable can be used for silicone and recycled plastic. Their use can be done with closures that are easy to use and do not cause spills.
  • You can also try using dispensers that run on gravity and allow the product to be dispensed through gravity. This way, you can use boxes that do not need any electricity or pumps.
  • Using portion-controlled dispensers allows them to get the exact amount of product they want and reduces waste.

Fun Packaging Trend

Fun packaging can help you win the game for sure, and you can try these ideas that you can use:

Hyper-Contrast And Bold Shapes

This idea can be a great one for many as it can provide fantastic beauty for your products. Here are some things that this idea would offer you:

  • Using bold and contrasting opposite colors can be an excellent approach. For instance, they use a vibrant yellow background that you can use for bold black geometric shapes.
  • Also, you can try high saturation, where you can try contrasting colors. At the same time, you can use it for a stark black background with them.
  • Try using a geometrical playground where you can try circles, squares, and triangles. At the same time, you can have overlapping shapes that would allow better looks.
  • The use of more organic and soft shapes in the form of geometrical looks can also help.
  • You can also try using shapes of different sizes that would make things even more enjoyable.

Playful Die-Cuts And Translucency

The use of die-cutting can help you get impressive and playful shapes. You can try using it with the product and brand logo in front of your box. For instance, using a box of chocolates or a nice toy in your box can make things look remarkable and impressive. These kinds of die-cuts can make a feeling of discovery come true for your customer’s interest.

This method would allow you to create a great mystery that your customers will love. At the same time, using translucent papers and films can make things look great. You can also try using colored translucent papers for this purpose.

Saturated Pastels

Saturated pastels can be a great way to make things perfect, as you can play with colors so much. Colors can be half the game when you want to get this fantastic thing together. Here, you can try using gradient effects with saturated pastels that would allow a transition from light colors to bold shades in the same color family.

This way, you can look at your packaging dynamically and pair it with complementary colors. You can also try using color blocking with designs using different saturated pastels. Try adding these pastels with metallic accents to add luxury and sophistication. Then, using textured papers can enhance the look by adding dimension to the packaging.

Brutalist Type

If you want to add a bold choice to your packaging, you can use raw and influential presence in your packages. This way, you can be sure you add a raw and powerful presence to your brand. Here are some impressive ideas you can execute:

  • You can try replicating exposed concrete with cardboard with recycled paper and cardboard. This way, you add raw and industrial ingredients.
  • Also, you can try using modular designs that you can stack and arrange differently.
  • At the same time, heavy-duty closures like straps and buckles made of metals can be of great use.
  • You can also try using monochrome color palettes like black, dark, and brown.
  • Try using minimal accents with branding elements like logos or text.
  • Also, try adding elements like hinges, seams, and closures.

Try Discreet And Deluxe Packaging Ideas

Deluxe looks always make things look sophisticated, while you can also try using textured papers with great richness. For instance, you can try charcoal grey, black, and deep to make things look sophisticated with subtle textures. Also, you can try using soft-touch materials with boxes or even pouches.

Flat Graphics

Flat graphics can be a great way to make your packaging look great. In this one, you can try flat illustrations, where you can try bold outlines with minimal details. This way, you make your design simple while making your product the central star. At the same time, using a flat mascot character can make your brand personality look great with a feeling of fun and an element of memorability.

Also, you can try showcasing the benefits of your products with their ingredients. This method would be a clear and concise way to offer information about your brand. Also, you can try a flat repeating pattern that would allow a reflection of your brand or product.

50s Comeback

With this design, you can try multiple metallic, like 50s shiny metallic, chrome accents with embossed lettering or logos, and good old polka dots with pastels. Using frosted or clear looks with plastic elements in the design can help with a 50s look.

Playful Ideas To Try

You can try ideas like shapes of friendly animals or creatures. Also, great food-themed packaging with edible products like a candy-shaped giant or candy corn for grabbing attention can be a great way to go. Even boxes that look smiling with different other expressions can be significant.

Using sensory elements like textured materials, smoothness, and a rough texture on the packaging can create a great look. Trying out scented packaging that complements the color palette would also be a great idea. On the other hand, touch elements, where you add a popping element that your customers can feel and pop, would be a great idea to grab attention.

Simplicity Can Be A Great Way To Impress

Simplicity can be a great way to ensure your packaging looks excellent; it has nothing to do with fanciness but a lot with the brand voice of many. It is not only the best choice if your brand voice has to do with simplicity, but you need to use this theme in your packaging. Here are some great ideas to try:

  • You can try using colored kraft paper boxes that use contrasting colors.
  • Also, you can try two-tone boxes using a saturated pastel lid or vice versa. Such boxes would have product information you can use in contrasting colors.
  • You can try using glassine bags, which offer a frosted look with a saturated pastel tissue paper lining.
  • Try using simple brown paper bags with customization with bold stamps and logos.
  • Also, you can use color block wrapping, where you can try large sheets of different saturated papers to make a color block design through wrapping.

Use Impressive Patterns

Now, patterns can look great when you try the most impressive looks while making it feel like a canvas you can play on. You can try it with all-over patterns that you can use with a subtle approach alongside a band or even a single motif with a colored background.

Consider All Available Space

When you use all the space available on your packaging boxes, you do not have to worry about material waste during this process. This way, you also improve the efficiency of your packaging while saving costs for your processes. You can also use these to make your packaging design look great with impressive coverage of the packaging you are trying to get.

This way, you can ensure better marketing opportunities by offering more information on your boxes.

Tell a Story

Now, telling a story about your brand can make a huge impact, so you must make sure you use your packaging to tell a story about your brand. Here are some answers your boxes need to reply to when it comes to your packaging:

  • You should try talking about your brand. What is it?
  • Also, you should have a clear vision of your message to your clients and customers.
  • At the same time, your brand should have a clear message when it comes to telling about your brand.
  • Try using visuals that can tell your brand’s story with illustrations, colors, and photography.
  • Using text that offers the right brand name and logos is also essential.
  • Also, you can try using text that tells your brand’s story.

Some Top Brands Who Know How To Tell A Story

Knowing some top brands and how they tell their story is something you need to remember when making things impressive. Here are some stories these brands have shared:

  • Lego has a great story to tell regarding its packaging, as it allows you great recognition with its brick patterns that tell the story immediately.
  • Then, we have Dollar Shave Club, which has packaging that goes with its humorous stories and a great design.
  • Also, M&M’s impressive designs show the brand’s colorfulness regarding an excellent brand experience.
  • Patagonia is another excellent packaging design offering minimalistic looks with recycled material looks you would love to buy.

Add Brightness To Your Packaging

Now, brightness can make your boxes look remarkable and impressive. When we use bright colors, we can make things look great, which can help us attract more attention to our boxes. At the same time, we can use them to create a positive association with our boxes. Such boxes can help us create a positive impression for our customers.

Using brightness in your design can also help you make your brand look great in terms of the brand identity you can create. At the same time, their use can help improve the design elements your boxes carry to make them stand out.

The Use Of Texture Can Help

This method of adding more interest to your brand’s boxes works perfectly. With these elements, you can use texture to make your boxes look visually exciting and enhance your brand identity. You can also use your texture to create a tactile experience to make this feeling more impressive.

Being Modern In Design Works Well

The modernity of your designs plays a vital role, and you need to keep this in mind. With modernity, you can make your boxes look great by getting more attention and making things look new and updated. Using modernity also becomes your brand voice, so every brand these days would love to have this as a strength to add to your boxes.

By giving your customers this feeling, you also improve the perceived value of your boxes. At the same time, you can achieve uniqueness when you use modernity in your packaging design.

AI Packaging Design Trends

AI packaging can offer multiple benefits compared to other methods of printing and packaging. The use of sustainable shapes can make things look great.

Sustainable Shapes

Here is how AI can help in making boxes:

  • AI can help by making product dimensions right with impressive protection to offer perfectly sized boxes that do not cause material loss. This way, you do not have to worry about protection issues even when you reduce the total amount of material you use.
  • You can also train AI to make box shapes optimized for strength, like honeycombs and seashells.
  • At the same time, you use your boxes to optimize and show the innovation-readiness of your brand.

AI For Personalized Packaging

The use of personalization can help you get better at making the proper use of personalized packaging. You can use them for:

  • You can utilize customers’ data to ensure you create something they will most likely love.
  • Newer trends, like real-time customization, can help you create customized printing systems according to your customers’ needs.
  • AI can also help improve your customers’ experience alongside better brand engagement.
  • This way, you can also improve brand engagement.
  • At the same time, you can be sure you offer data privacy to the customers who use AI to make boxes.

Use AI Textures

Using AI to add textures to your boxes can be a great one to try. It would allow you something special, unlike anything used before. So, you can try using the ones that offer one-of-a-kind textures that would be perfect for your type of look.

Vintage Packaging Design Trends

The use of different packaging design trends can make a huge impact on customers. You can use the old-style looks to impact your customers by adding an old look. Here are some great options to try:

1950s And 1960s Looks

The 1950s and 1960s are two of the most used and commonly utilized looks you can add to your boxes. Here are some elements that you need to keep in mind:

  • You can try using bold and cheerful colors that remind the customers of the 1950s.
  • Also, you can use fonts that add that unique feel of playfulness to your boxes.
  • At the same time, you can use metallic silver and chrome details, such as shiny logos and borders, for your boxes.
  • Also, you can use polka dots, chevrons, and stripes with geometric patterns.
  • You can also try using mascot characters that can make things more impressive.
  • At the same time, you can try illustrative elements that carry bold colors, clean lines, geometric shapes, and others.


Why should your business follow packaging design trends?

Impressive packaging trends for boxes allow us to grab attention and stay modern in the field. This way, you can communicate brand values and stand out as a competitor in the market. Also, this way, you can improve your sales and brand loyalty.

How is sustainable packaging becoming a trend?

Using such products allows environmentally conscious consumers to like your brand more. At the same time, you can make your business more compliant with regulations and legislation. This kind of packaging also helps reduce material usage compared to other types.

What makes a good packaging design?

Multiple factors impact your products. For instance, it would allow better brand identity, attract attention, and clarify your designs. At the same time, it would enable better functionality and improve the results for your target audience by enhancing the perceived value of your brands.

How often should I update my packaging design?

The answer to this question depends on your industry and also the brand. For instance, you may look for updates for a particular event or festival. At the same time, you can do it according to the target audience and what they like regarding packaging.

I don’t have a design team. How can I create trendy packaging?

You can get your designs from Packaging Hub, as we offer you free design services when you hire our packaging company. Also, you can try using freelancers and online design resources to make your packaging more trendy. If you are a seasoned seller and know how to design, you can get this method to make your boxes look better.

Packaging Hub Gets You Ahead!

We always ensure we offer Packaging designs that go with the trends in the US we follow. Our expertise takes care of every need your packaging requires, and we provide it goes with the industry’s trends. So order now; your packaging fantasies are ready to come true!

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