What is VCI Packaging – Features And Trends

Posted May 3, 2023 VCI Packaging

Packaging is an old game that keeps on seeing new solutions and technologies. So, using new technologies has been a promising way to get updated versions of old technologies that serve needs. At the same time, they can help bring newer ones to perfect the field with solutions that matter to beneficiaries.

So, VCI is among the best ones used for avoiding corrosion to ensure the long life of products packed or stored. This way, products can improve in shelf life and other aspects with the right packaging materials. You can read about its mechanism, features, and how to achieve these results. It will surely impart much knowledge to entrepreneurs, vendors, and general users for benefits.

What Is VCI Packaging?

VCI or volatile corrosion inhibitors are chemicals that help improve the life expectancy of product materials. These chemicals can help improve the life of materials like paper, plastic, and metals. They improve protection against rust by bonding to the surface of these materials, which slows down the rusting process. Their molecules can help protect against rusting.

Any field that uses metals like steel, iron, copper, and others can use this type. Fields like storage, transportation, and processing can use this material. Some common matter types work for this purpose, like:

  • VCI films
  • Porous emitters
  • Papers
  • Packaging film
  • Foam

These VCI packaging materials work for different needs, and making sure you use them right for the right purpose is the real game. So, some specifications and features are:

  • It is among the methods that would not cause any chemical composition change to the product.
  • If you remove it from the product’s enclosure, the protection will be gone.
  • Its removal would cause evaporation of these protective molecules, leading to corrosion and rust.
  • They stop the reactions that become the reason for rusting.
  • You can cover the products with such materials to ensure they stay safe.
  • Paper forms VCI would use the same mechanism for protection.

Main Benefits and Uses Of VCI Packaging

No one does anything without a benefit, at least not in the packaging industry. So, some benefits of VCI packaging and procedures can tell you why it is a trend that will persist. Here are some:

  • This procedure can help protect products against moisture by creating a protective barrier.
  • Such a process can help save metals safe for multiple years.
  • It is an easy method to protect your products.
  • Using this protection helps you save time and energy spent handling products vulnerable to corrosion.
  • VCI protection works for a huge number of products.
  • Also, they come in transparent versions, allowing better viewing and perception time.
  • They are better than common films and help against rusting as well.
  • Kraft paper can be used for metal parts as well.
  • This material also comes in kraft paper form, which is more cost-effective than VCI poly.

A huge benefit of this material is that it works for a large range of needs, like:

  • Firearms
  • Multiple types of machinery
  • Electronics made from metals
  • Military equipment of a huge range
  • It can be a soul-saver for auto parts
  • Aerospace
  • Water pipelines can also get benefits

Future Trends In VCI

Trends tell how a field will change and impact lives in the process. So, the future trends in this technology will be a major influence on lives surrounding packaging. Here are some you should know:

  • Use of paints as VCI chemicals are another method that has been a trend.
  • At the same time, newer and green solutions for such materials can help improve results. Such materials will not cause toxins will not in the environment.
  • New transparent VCI films are also a trend in this field.
  • Also, using additives alongside these chemicals can help improve protection.
  • Studies show how well the combination of different materials can improve results. Such uses have been proven to be beneficial.
  • At the same time, these chemicals allow you to protect metals even when they are not in direct contact.
  • Also, using an airtight environment during such use makes things better.
  • Moreover, moisture penetrating the setup would not cause rust as moisture protection activates in such conditions.

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