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Posted May 25, 2023 What is Discreet Packaging

Privacy is an important part of human lives, and people do not want to ruin it in any way. So, packaging needs to offer a level of secrecy for consumers these days. This type of box can help you get more consumers in the ecommerce sector. But the same applies to retail consumers looking to buy products from regular stores.

So, you can read why this type matters, how to get it, what features to keep in mind when manufacturing them, and its examples. Also, you can read what sectors use the most of these and what does discreet packaging mean.

What is Discreet Packaging?

Discreet packaging allows customers to keep their deliveries and purchases secret. This type of packaging works for retail and ecommerce and helps satisfy the customers that their privacy is intact when they buy something.

There are different methods to ensure you keep the delivered and sold product a secret.

Benefits of Discreet Packaging

This type allows you to avoid any person being aware of the product type, the sender, or any other information you want to hide. Such a solution will allow customers and the sender to keep every product’s specifications or type a secret. In addition, it allows sellers to increase their sales as consumers know they can receive the product without exposing something.

Any medical condition, orientation, and other aspects of a person’s life stay a secret, ensuring smoothness in social status for these customers. Other benefits of this type allow you to avoid theft during transit and delivery. So, you can try to ship high-end products in such boxes. At the same time, adult products get this treatment quite often.

Also, you can use this type to make customers’ experience more satisfying. This way, you make them feel special by ensuring they get their product and that you care about their privacy and security.

When To Use Such Boxes?

Some common industries use such boxes more frequently, like:

  • Medical products and equipment are packed in this type.
  • Vapes and CBD boxes are also common products that are packed inside these types of boxes.
  • Also, the adult product industry uses such boxes to ensure consumers’ privacy.
  • At the same time, expensive products use this type.
  • Political entities also use such packaging.

These uses show how the discreet can help recipients and senders of products.

Things To Remember When Shipping Them

Common types of discreet packaging include mailer boxes, bubble wraps, and poly bags. Remember that you should not use any branding on these to ensure it does not impart any information about the packed product. At the same time, you should avoid any labels on them that clearly show any such information.

So, you can try an address that does not explicitly tell anything about the sender and still helps the receiver be satisfied. A return address that does not tell something is a way to avoid any disclosure about the product. At the same time, you can try adding something more interesting inside the box for the recipient.

So, you can give special graphics, thank you notes, packaging add-ons, and other elements inside the box. It is also available in most organizations that offer a checkout page delivery. So, if you order from a company offering a checkout page, you will most likely get this service.

Also, you should offer this service to your customers without any extra fees to ensure a better customer experience.

Features of Discreet Boxes

The most common features of discreet boxes can exist in many types of packaging. So, if you are looking to send such packages, you can make sure to add these to your boxes:

  • Make sure your boxes do not carry any promotional stuff. Things like taglines, addresses, names, and logos should not exist.
  • You can ask the customers to access the order of the product with a gated method. So, people who order them will prove they are adults and meet the criteria for receiving the product.
  • An adult should receive your package in many cases. So, there is a concept of adult signature for products in such packages.
  • A great idea will be to ensure using a box size that is common and does not show the product’s shape.
  • You may try using branding elements if there is a possibility of not disclosing what the product is with the packaging.
  • Using mailer boxes, postal boxes, and simple colors of the packages is a great practice.
  • Try to add personalized features to make them look super impressive. This way, you can make them feel more at home.
  • Your package may carry no marks to avoid getting things stolen.
  • Use a color that you can easily replicate.

Benefits of Discreet Packaging

When it comes to their types, some common ones are well known for their extensive use. Then, some fall under the industry categories you can find here, like:

  • Ecommerce packaging is the most common type that uses this method of shipment.
  • Retail products get their packages in this form as well.
  • Industries that can use common mailer boxes can easily use this type.
  • If your industry can use bubble wraps, you can try them for these.
  • Poly bags also can be delivered with this type.
  • Then, recyclable types can be delivered in this manner.

These common types of boxes work for many needs and carry their features. As a brand owner, you must meet your customers’ needs.

How To Offer Them?

There are some points to keep in mind when planning such deliveries, like:

  • Ensure you let your customers know you are offering this type. Let them know it is a free facility if applicable. At the same time, you should give them a checkout that offers a separate option for such delivery.
  • You should know what laws to follow and always comply with them.
  • Also, your employees and delivery partners should know what to remember about such deliveries.
  • Let your customers know what you offer them in such deliveries and what they can get from you.
  • Be sure to buy or manufacture packaging that does not reveal anything about your company or at least about your product.
  • They should not carry any taglines, interesting colors, or anything else intriguing.
  • Make them hard to open and tamperproof. This is the only way to ensure your customer will get the privacy you are trying to offer.

A manufacturer or brand owner must keep these in mind to execute well.

How To Get Such Packages?

Getting the right product packaging materials can help you get better results. So, where can you avail of such?

  • There are several packaging providers you can find online that provide such products. They can be local and help you with the right dimensions and features.
  • You can hire a company like Packaging Hub to get your packages with every need kept in mind.
  • Marketplaces you can find on the internet are also a good option. Still, they can be a bit costly.

When you have found any of these providers, you should go on and understand how well they print and package. You can try their services to get perfect results if their quality is up to par.


What is discreet shipping?

Delivering products in a method that does not reveal any information to anyone except the recipient is discreet shipping. For example, you can offer packages that do not mention any product name, description, or even company name. Also, you should avoid any taglines, usage instructions, and logos on the outside.

What are some examples of this type of box?

The most common type of these boxes is mailers that do not carry any information. No logos, taglines, or other specific info are on these boxes.

What does discreet packaging look like?

Such packages normally carry a simple box that offers no information about the sender or the product. At the same time, it should avoid any intriguing colors and must look simple. Still, they can be interesting for the recipients when they open them with add-ons that make them look special.

What are the benefits of discreet packaging?

Discreet packaging lets you get more sales and improve your customers’ experience. For customers, it allows them to avoid exposing their private life to people around them.

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