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Posted April 17, 2023 Paperboard Packaging

Did you know paperboard is one of the best materials for making your packaging boxes? Paperboard is a special material having multiple types and a huge amount of promise for companies in the industry. So, your entrepreneurial journey needs help from a material that solves many issues.

What Is Paperboard?

Paperboard is a thick type of paper-based material you can use for multiple requirements. It offers you versatility and lightweight and is made from paper pulp. The common use of this one is the production of cereal boxes, cartons, and shoe boxes. It offers protection for multiple types of products with great printability and potential for decoration.

Its different features may vary depending on its manufacturing process. Still, it is one of the most versatile and recyclable materials that also offer eco-friendliness.

It is a material that can enhance your impression, give a versatile touch, and add sustainability to your portfolio. So, you can read about its types, why it matters, what it is, and its features. Let’s kick this packaging ball!

History Of Paperboard Packaging

The history of this amazing material for packaging comes from the 1800s. It became famous in the 1850s for a wide range of products. The biggest production push it got was in 1896, and since then, it has been famous.

What is Paperboard for Packaging?

Paperboard comes from thicker sheets of paper that offer a great look with a versatile range of beautifying elements. In addition, you can try multiple add-ons to this material, making it a perfect choice for a range of needs in packaging.

Why Paperboard Matters?

Paperboard has a long list of benefits you can get; it offers amazing features other materials do not. Here are some that make it an important part of the packaging industry:

  • The material offers amazing strength
  • Also, it offers more space efficiency by taking less for storage.
  • It offers cost-effectiveness by saving material consumption and saving against product damage.
  • Paperboard allows you to stay green with the recyclability it offers.
  • It works with great appeal for users.
  • This material also offers versatility to make products just the way you like.
  • You can use it with a host of packaging color choices, making it perfect for multiple sectors.

Paperboard vs Cardboard

  • Cardboard is one of the terms that can also be used to refer to paperboard.
  • Paperboard is a great material for strength, but cardboard beats it in this benefit.
  • At the same time, cardboard is easier to recycle with more facilities. Both of them offer good biodegradability.

Types Of Paperboard

Now, making things special always needs versatility, and this material has a long list of them. Here are some types you need to know about:

Solid Bleached Sulfate Type:

It is among great materials that offer add-ons like hot foil, creases, and debossing levels. You can try multiple products with this one—this type of paperboard packaging box works for the opposite side with the ability to print high-quality elements.

At the same time, its ability to do a versatile range of designs makes it even better. It also works for food products by keeping the flavor and preserving other traits. You can get amazing features like brightness and gloss. SBS or solid bleached sulfate works well when you need medium density for your products.

It is among the materials that work with hygienic properties and come from unbleached pulp. You normally see this one with toys, shoes, cereals, and others.

Folding Box Board Type:

The folding box board comes from 3 different layers and offers durability with amazing flexibility. Just like other types, you can use it for sustainable production.

Non-Bending Chipboard:

Non-bending chipboard offers foil stamping ability, and you can use it with a sturdy structure.

Coated Recycled Paperboard:

Coated recycled paperboard has an amazing composition from fibers from different industries. You can get its raw materials from paper manufacturing and other sectors. Its printable surface works well and offers brightness so that many products can look amazing.

They come from flyers, inserts, and even newspapers. It works for hardware and retail cartons and multiple other fields.

Coated Unbleached Kraft:

Another type of this famous material carries some features with production from virgin kraft fiber. You can get a smooth white top. And you can rely on its endurance and how well it works in conditions that can easily tear other materials.

You can resist dry and humid conditions with promise when using this one.

Paperboard Uses

Industries that use this material are endless, and this fact makes it perfect for multiple uses:

  • Dry food
  • Frozen food
  • Liquids and beverages
  • Fast food products
  • Fruit, meat, and vegetables

These uses make this material a great one for these industries.


What is an SBS paperboard?

SBS stands for Solid Bleach Sulfate which is the type of paperboard that you can create from bleached chemical pulp. Its features include quality, smoothness, and a white surface you can use it for applications that need attractive manufacturing. It offers printability, stiffness, and versatility for different applications and requirements appearance.

What is a CCNB paperboard?

CCNB stands for Clay Coated News Back which is the type of paperboard in which you use a layer of clay coating. They normally come from recycled newspapers and offer a smooth and consistent surface. They offer excellent printability which gives vibrancy and detail in printing. You can use them for multiple applications including display boxes promotional packaging and cartons.

What are the 4 different types of paperboard?

There are four different types of paperboard, which are:

  • SBS or solid bleached sulfate
  • Folding boxboard or FBB
  • CCNB or Clay Coated News Back
  • Chipboard or paperboard

Is paperboard the same as cardboard?

The main commonality between the two is that they are paper types that are made from pulp. Paperboard is a general word for thick paper-based materials while multiple such products offer rigidity.

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